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What is a Push Button Switch?

What is a Push Button switch? Push Button Switches consist of a simple electric switch mechanism which controls some aspect of a machine or a process. Buttons are typically made out of hard material such as plastic or metal. The surface is usually shaped to accommodate the human finger or hand, so the electronic switch can be easily depressed or pushed. Also, most Push Button Switches are also known as biased switches. A biased switch, can be also considered what we call a "momentary switch" where the user will push-for "on" or push-for "off" type. This is also known as a push-to-make (SPST Momentary) or push-to break (SPST Momentary) mechanism.

Switches with the "push-to-make" (normally-open or NO) mechanism are a type of push button electrical switch that operates by the switch making contact with the electronic system when the button is pressed and breaks the current process when the button is released. An example of this is a keyboard button.

A "push-to-break" (or normally-closed or NC) electronic switch, on the other hand, breaks contact when the button is pressed and makes contact when it is released.

Types of Push Button Switches

There are many different kinds of pushbutton switches and at Future Electronics we stock many of the most common types. We carry some of the top pushbutton switches manufacturers and suppliers including: Altech, C & K, Carling, Cherry Electric, E-Switch, EECO, Grayhill, Marquardt Switches, NKK Switches, Schurter and TE Connectivity

Best of all our electronic push button switch offering comes in a range of sizes from miniature to industrial power switches. There are even illuminated pushbutton switches available. Use our parametric filters to refine your electric push button switch search on our website. You can select by number of positions, by circuitry, by actuator style and by termination among others.

Push Button Switches Applications

Typical applications include: Calculators, push-button telephones, kitchen appliances, magnetic locks, and various other mechanical and electronic devices, home and commercial.

Push Button Switches in R&D quantities or production ready packaging

With our state of the art facility in Memphis and, you have the option to order the exact number of push-button switches required for your R&D or production needs without the unnecessary surplus of buying full reels or boxes.

Push Button Switches by Primary Attributes:

By Type

By No of Positions

By Circuitry

By Actuator Style

Featured Push Button Switch Products

Manufacturer Part Number Description
E-Switch LC1258EENP LC Series SPDT Latching Through Hole Pushbutton Switch
Grayhill 39-424 BLK 39 Series Momentary SPST Black Butt Contact Through Hole Push Button Switch
E-Switch LP1OA1AG L1 Series SPST Momentary Green LED Panel Mount Illuminated Pushbutton Switch
NKK Switches UB25KKW015F-FF-RO UB Series DPDT On-Momentary Square Green Illuminate Solder Lug Pushbutton Switch
E-Switch KJD17-22213-112 16 A 120 VAC DPST Pushbutton Switch
E-Switch LP15S1WHTGRN-N LP15 Series SPST Off-On Green LED Through Hole Illuminated Pushbutton Switch
NKK Switches SB4011NOM-RO SB Series SPST Off-Momentary Panel Mount Solder Lug Push Button Switch
Marquardt Switches 1660.0202 1660 Series DPST 16 A 250 V Dust Protected Green Illuminated Pushbutton Switch
C&K Components 8121SHZGE SPDT Snap-acting Momentary Pushbutton Switch
E-Switch TL2201EEYA TL Series DPDT Latching Through Hole Sub-Miniature Pushbutton Switch
E-Switch 5501M12 5500 Series Hinged High Operating SPDT Momentary Through Hole Pushbutton Switch
E-Switch LP60A2ASRG LP60 Series DPST Momentary Red-Green LED Dual Illuminated Pushbutton Switch
Grayhill 30-102 Push Button Burger
E-Switch PV2H640SS PV2 Series SP Off-(On) High Actuator Stainless Steel Body Anti-Vandal Switch
C&K Components NE18-2A-EE-SP NE-18 Series 7N No Chassis or Dress Nut Pushbutton Power Switch
Marquardt Switches 1281.0201 1281 Series DPNO 10 A 250 V On/Off Dust Protected Without Lock On Trigger Switch
Grayhill 4001 4000 Series Momentary SPST Panel Mount Solder Lug Push Button Switch
C&K Components E125SD1V3BE E020 Series Sealed SPDT On-Momentary V Bracket Through Hole Push Button Switch
C&K Components F2UEE F Series Standard DPDT On-On Through Hole Push Button Switch
NKK Switches G3B15AH-XC-RO G3B Series Mini SPDT On-Momentary Right Angle Surface Mount Push Button Switch
NKK Switches GB15AV-XC-RO GB Series Ultra Mini SPDT On-Momentary Vertical Through Hole Push Button Switch
NKK Switches AT496A AT469 Black Rocker for A Series Switch
Grayhill 62A18-02-P 62A Series 5 V 18" 20 Positions Push Button Switch
NKK Switches MB2011SS1W03-CC-RO MB2000 Series Mini SPDT On-Momentary Through Hole Push Button Switch
Marquardt Switches 1269.0201 1269 Series DPNO 10 A 250 V On/Off Dust Protected Trigger Switch

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