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Over 5,000 Switches from C&K, Carling Switches, Cherry Electric, CTS, E-Switch, Grayhill, NKK Switches, TE Connectivity and more.

With over 5000 Switches to choose from, Future Electronics offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of Electronic Switches in distribution. Our product portfolio has a wide range of Electrical Switches to select from including: Detector Switches, Dip Switches, Encoder Switches, Pushbutton Switches, Rocker Switches, Rotary Switches, Slide Switches, Snap Action Switches, Tactile Switches, Toggle Switches, Ultra Miniature Switches.

We also cover a wide range of circuitry, to help with your design needs. Here are some of the popular switch contact variations we offer:

Electronics specification and abbreviation Expansion of abbreviation British mains wiring name American electrical wiring name Description Symbol
SPST Single pole, single throw One-way Two-way A simple on-off switch: The two terminals are either connected together or disconnected from each other. An example is a light switch.


Single pole, double throw

Two-way Three-way A simple changeover switch: C (COM, Common) is connected to L1 or to L2.


Double pole, single throw Double pole Double pole Equivalent to two SPST switches controlled by a single mechanism


Double pole, double throw


  Equivalent to two SPST switches controlled by a single mechanism

It’s really easy to hone in on the electric switch you need using our parametric filters. You can use them to quickly refine your Switch search results by switch operation, circuitry, termination style, actuator style, number of positions and package style.

More Switch choices:

Our product line is compromised of some tier one switch manufacturers such as C&K, Carling Switches, Cherry Electric, CTS, E-Switch, Grayhill, NKK Switches or TE Connectivity.

With our state of the art facility in Memphis and, you have the option to order the exact number of switches required for your R&D or production needs without the unnecessary surplus of buying full reels or boxes.

Future Electronics also offered a unique bonded inventory program which has been designed to eliminate the challenges associated with the unpredictable supply of products containing raw metals and or products with long and often erratic lead-times. Call your nearest branch to find out how you can eliminate shortages today.

Featured Switches Products

Manufacturer Part Number Description
Cherry Electrical Products SRJ24A3HBBNN SR Series Mini SPDT On-Off-On Panel Mount Quick Connect Rocker Switch
C&K Components 7101P3YZQE 7000 Series Mini SPDT On-None-On Solder Lug Toggle Switch
E-Switch R5BBLKREDFF2 R5 Series DPST On-Off Faston Illuminated Rocker Switch
C&K Components 707200201 Nickel Plated with Keyway Locking Ring 15/32" Bushing
Grayhill PW173KB0903F01 95C Series Non Washable 6 x 6 mm 1 N Surface Mount Tactile Switch
E-Switch TL1105FF250Q TL1105 Series SPST 2.5 N Round Button PC Through Hole Tactile Switch
E-Switch 100DP1T1B1M2REH 100 Series DPDT On-None-On Through Hole Miniature Toggle Switch
NKK Switches AT4041H MB Series Splash Proof Boot
Grayhill 71BD30-02-2-AJN Rotary Switch
Cherry Electrical Products RRA22H3BBRLN RR Series Lighted SPST On-Off Panel Mount Quick Connect Rocker Switch
Cherry Electrical Products 0E1400M0 E Series SPDT 8.5 N Button Quick Connect Snap Action Switch
TE Connectivity 1571376-4 SPST Standard Actuator 260 Gram Force Tactile Switch
C&K Components BD06AV BD Series Side Actuated SPST 6 Position Right Angle Through Hole DIP Switch
Cherry Electrical Products 0E1300M0 E Series SPDT 4.25 N Button Quick Connect Snap Action Switch
TE Connectivity 3-1437565-0 0.7 mm SPST Round Actuator 160 Gram Force Tactile Pushbutton Switch
E-Switch LC1258EENP LC Series SPDT Latching Through Hole Pushbutton Switch
Grayhill 39-424 BLK 39 Series Momentary SPST Black Butt Contact Through Hole Push Button Switch
Cherry Electrical Products LRA32H2FBBNN LR Series Mini Non Lighted DPST On-Off Panel Mount Quick Connect Rocker Switch
Grayhill 94HAB08T 94H Series 8 Position Through Hole Coded Rotary DIP Switch
C&K Components TDA06H0SB1 TDA Series Ultra Mini SPST 6 Position Surface Mount Half-Pitch DIP Switch
C&K Components SDA02H0SBR SDA Series Low Profile SPST 2 Position Surface Mount Sealed DIP Switch
E-Switch 400MSP1R1BLKVS2RE 400 Series SPDT On-None-On PC Mount Sub-Miniature Rocker Switch
C&K Components ET01MD1ABE ET Series Sub Mini SPDT On-None-On Right Angle Through Hole Toggle Switch
E-Switch TL1105BF160Q TL1105 Series SPST 1.6 N Round Button PC Through Hole Tactile Switch
E-Switch LP1OA1AG L1 Series SPST Momentary Green LED Panel Mount Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

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