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What is a Heatsink?

A heat sink (or heatsink) is an object that absorbs and dissipates heat. Heat sinks are used in a wide range of applications (such as LED design) wherever efficient heat dissipation is required. Heat sinks are made of metal or alloy, which usually includes a combination of aluminum and copper. Heatsinks may also consist of one or more flat surfaces to ensure good thermal contact with the components that need to be cooled, and an array of comb or fin like protrusions to increase the surface contact with the air, and thus the rate of heat dissipation.

The performance specification for any heat sink would be thermal resistance or thermal sensitivity, which is typically expressed in C° / W as the temperature increase per watt of heat. When comparing ratings, thermal resistance is a nominal specification. The main factors that affect thermal resistance or thermal sensitivity include increased airflow (aerodynamics), forced air or water-cooling, mounting method, and ambient temperatures. Frequently, on datasheets for heat sinks, thermal resistance is presented as a performance curve.

To increase thermal transfer between component and heatsink, a thermal adhesive (also known as thermal grease) can be added to the base of the heatsink.

Heatsink surface treatment can be Anodized Aluminum (colored) or Copper heatsinks can be plated with Silver or Gold.

Heat Sinks From Future Electronics

Future Electronics offers a wide range of heatsinks from such suppliers as Aavid Thermalloy, Crydom, CTS, Gardtec, Nuventix, TE Connectivity, Vicor and Wakefield.

Choosing the Right Heat Sink:

When you are looking for the right heat sink, with parametric search, no matter the application, you can filter the results by various attributes: by Thermal Resistance (2 °C/W, 5 °C/W, 13.4 °C/W), by material (Aluminum, Aluminum Black Anodized, Matte Tin), by mounting style (Adhesive, bolt-on, omni-directional) and dimensions to name a few.

Applications for Heatsinks:

Typical applications include thermal management of electronics, often computer central processing unit (CPU) or graphics processors. You can also find them on transistors, power mosfets, or on any component that may dissipate high heat. Sometimes you will find fans used in conjunction with a heatsink to increase overall airflow. This is known as active heatsink cooling. Heatsinks are also important in LED design because they provide a path for heat to dissipate from the LED source to an outside medium.

Heatsinks in R&D Quantities or Production Ready Packaging

With our state-of-the-art facility in Memphis and, you have the option to order the exact number of heatsinks required for your R&D, LED design, or electronic project needs without the unnecessary surplus of buying full boxes.

Featured Heatsink Products

Manufacturer Part Number Description
Aavid Termalloy Black Anodize Square basket style heat sink
Aavid Termalloy 542502D00000G TO-220 Package 24.00 C/W Thermal Resistance Space Saving Heat Sink with Fins
Aavid Termalloy 532702B02500G TO-220 Package 4.80 C/W Thermal Resistance Heat Sink with Straight Pins
Aavid Termalloy 507002B05300G TO-220 15.6 C/W Thermal Resistance Hat Section with Cut Out Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 780653U04500G TO-220 Package 4.5" 0.73 C/W Thermal Resistance Indian Chief Heat Sink
TE Connectivity 1542262-4 Anodize Black Saleable Packaged Version Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy PF527 TO-3 package Black Anodized 7.40C/W Thermal Resistance Diamond Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 504222B00000G TO-220 Package 6.4 C/W Thermal Resistance Low Profile Hat Section Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 7106DG TO-263/MO-184 Package 15 C/W Thermal Resistance Surface Mount Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 374124B00035G BGA 23.4 C/W Thermal Resistance 23 x 23 x 18 mm Black Anodized Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 576802B04000G TO-220 / TO-262 27.30 C/W Thermal Resistance Vertical Plug In Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 507222B00000G TO-220 9.6 C/W Thermal Resistance Dual Device Hat Section Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 7128DG TO-220 Package 19.20 C/W Thermal Resistance Copper Channel Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 374724B00032G BGA 15.3 °C/W Thermal Resistance 35 x 35 x 18 mm Black Anodized Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 581002B02100G TO-220 17.40 C/W Thermal Resistance Roll Pin Flat Back Extruded Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 576602T00000G TO-220 Package 16 C/W Thermal Resistance 3 Integrated Tab Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 780103C02750 8.2'' Long Unfinished 1.89 C/W Thermal Resistance Custom Cut Extrusion
Aavid Termalloy 501200B00000G TO-3 Package 12.0 C/W Thermal Resistance Low Cost Diamond Basket Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy BW50-4G Wide extruded heat sink with unequal channel widths and device mounting hole
Aavid Termalloy 507302B00000G TO-220 Package 24.0 C/W Thermal Resistance Economy Narrow Base Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 573300D00010G TO-226 Surface Mount 18.00 C/W Thermal Resistance D2 Semiconductor Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 577102B00000G TO-220 Package 25.90 C/W Thermal Resistance Low Cost Channel Style Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 591302B02800G TO-220 / TO-262 Package 26.80 C/W Thermal Resistance Tab Plug In Heat Sink
Aavid Termalloy 7021B-MTG TO-220 Package 6.80 C/W Thermal Resistance Tab Heat Sink with Fins Device Clip
Aavid Termalloy TV40G TO-220 Package 9.90 C/W Thermal Resistance Narrow with Twisted Fins Heat Sink

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