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Thermal Management

Future Electronics is a leader in Thermal Management, which is a crucial aspect of electronic design. Heat is generated by electronic devices and circuitry, so it must be dissipated to improve reliability and prevent failure. Techniques for heat dissipation can include heatsinks and fans, which can be used for air cooling. Future Electronics offers both solutions from leaders in the marketplace.


Future Electronics offers a wide range of Fans, both axial (propeller) and radial (blower/centrifugal) fans from such supplier as ADDA, Delta, Etri, Nidec, Nuventix, Orion and Sunon.

Fans are powered either by shaded pole AC motors, or brushed/brushless DC motors. AC-powered fans usually use the main voltage, while DC-powered fans typically use low voltage. The most common voltage for DC-powered fans are 5 V, 12 V or 24 V. Another benefit of the brushless DC motors (used in computer equipment) is that it produces less electromagnetic interference than other options.

Usually you will find fans used in conjunction with a heatsink to increase airflow. This is known as a forced air system.


Future Electronics offers a wide range of Heatsinks from such suppliers as Aavid Thermalloy, Crydom, CTS, Gardtec, Nuventix, TE Connectivity, Vicor and Wakefield.

A heat sink (or heatsink) is an object that absorbs and dissipates heat. Heatsinks usually consist of a metal structure with one or more flat surfaces to ensure good thermal contact with the components to be cooled, and an array of protrusions called “fins” (that look like a hair comb) to increase the surface contact with the air, and thus the rate of heat dissipation.

Heat sinks are used in a wide range of applications including refrigeration, heat engines, handheld electronic devices, CPUs and graphic processors.

Thermal Accessories

We also offer thermal compounds, such as paste or pad interface type to help in heat transfer to the heatsink.

Thermal Management Solutions in R&D Quantities or Production Ready Packaging

With our state-of-the-art facility in Memphis and, you have the option to order the exact number of fans or heatsinks required for your R&D or electronic project needs without the unnecessary surplus of buying full boxes.

Featured Thermal Management Products

Manufacturer Part Number Description
AAVID Thermalloy 568300B00000 Black Anodize Square basket style heat sink
Adda AD0824HB-A70GL AD Series 3010 RPM 80 x 80 x 25 mm 24 V 38.6 CFM Ball Bearing DC Fan
AAVID Thermalloy 542502D00000G TO-220 Package 24.00 C/W Thermal Resistance Space Saving Heat Sink with Fins
AAVID Thermalloy 532702B02500G TO-220 Package 4.80 C/W Thermal Resistance Heat Sink with Straight Pins
Sunon SP100A-1123XBT.GN SP Series 2850/3150 RPM 120 x 120 x 38 mm 97/117 CFM 115 VAC Ball Bearing Fan
AAVID Thermalloy 188623F00000G TO-3 Package 0.006" Thick No Adhesive Silicone Insulator
AAVID Thermalloy 507002B05300G TO-220 15.6 C/W Thermal Resistance Hat Section with Cut Out Heat Sink
Sunon KDE2406PTV1.MS.AF.GN KDE Series 4500 RPM 60 x 60 x 15 mm 23.5 CFM 24VDC Vapo Bearing Maglev Motor Fan
AAVID Thermalloy 780653U04500G TO-220 Package 4.5" 0.73 C/W Thermal Resistance Indian Chief Heat Sink
Sunon PMD1238PKB2-A.(2).GN PMD Series 1100 RPM 38 x 38 x 20 mm 10.6 CFM 12 VDC Dual Ball Maglev Motor Fan
Orion Fans OD6025-12HB OD6025 Series 4500 RPM 60 x 60 x 25 mm 24 CFM 12 V Ball Bearing DC Fan
TE Connectivity 1542262-4 Anodize Black Saleable Packaged Version Heat Sink
AAVID Thermalloy PF527 TO-3 package Black Anodized 7.40C/W Thermal Resistance Diamond Heat Sink
ADDA AD0512MB-G76 AD Series 5000 RPM 52 x 52 x 10 mm 11.2 CFM 12 V Ball Bearing DC Fan
ETRI 129XR-0282-010 129 Series 2800 RPM 120 x 120 x 38 mm 95.35 CFM 115 V Ball Bearing Fan
Sunon GM0535PFV2-8.GN GM Series 7500 RPM 35 x 35 x 10 mm 6.5 CFM 5 VDC Vapo Bearing Maglev Fan
Sunon KD1208PTB3.13.(2).GN KD Series 2500 RPM 80 x 80 x 25 mm 33.1 CFM 12 VDC Dual Ball Bearing Fan
AAVID Thermalloy 504222B00000G TO-220 Package 6.4 C/W Thermal Resistance Low Profile Hat Section Heat Sink
AAVID Thermalloy 7106DG TO-263/MO-184 Package 15 C/W Thermal Resistance Surface Mount Heat Sink
AAVID Thermalloy 374124B00035G BGA 23.4 C/W Thermal Resistance 23 x 23 x 18 mm Black Anodized Heat Sink
Sunon SP101A-1123HST.GN SP Series 2550/2900 RPM 120 x 120 x 38 mm 85/105 CFM 115 VAC Sleeve Bearing Fan
Sunon KDE1204PKV1-MS.AF-GN KDE Series 7200 RPM 40 x 40 x 20 mm 8.9 CFM 12 VDC Vapo Bearing Maglev Motor Fan
Sunon KDE1208PTV1.13.MS.A.GN KDE Series 3000 RPM 80 x 80 x 25 mm 40 CFM 12VDC Vapo Bearing Maglev Motor Fan
AAVID Thermalloy 576802B04000G TO-220 / TO-262 27.30 C/W Thermal Resistance Vertical Plug In Heat Sink
Sunon KD2408PTB1.13.2.GN KD Series 3100 RPM 80 x 80 x 25 mm 41 CFM 24 VDC Dual Ball Bearing Fan

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