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What is an Inverter?

A screen inverter is a small circuit board in an electronic device containing a display that passes a power current from the body to the LCD screen. An inverter turns a direct current from the motherboard into an alternating current. The AC current then triggers the backlight, which causes the images to appear on the screen. The main function of the inverter is to power the LCD.

Types of Inverters

There are many different kinds of inverters and at Future Electronics we stock many of the most common types categorized by Number of CCFL Lamps, Dimming, Packaging type and Input Voltage. The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search results depending on the required specifications.

The most common sizes for Number of CCFL Lamps is 2, but we also carry inverters with up to 6 CCFL Lamps. Input Voltage can be up to 24 V, with the most common inverters having an input voltage of 10.8 to 12.6 V, 10.8 to 13.2 V or 12 V.

Inverters from Future Electronics

Future Electronics has a full selection of inverters when looking for an LCD inverter board, laptop screen inverter, LCD backlight inverter, TV monitor inverter, CCFL inverter, TFT inverter, universal LCD inverter or any computer or notebook inverter boards. Simply choose from the inverter technical attributes below and your search results will quickly be narrowed to match your specific inverter application needs.

We deal with ERG, NEC Displays and TDK, among other manufacturers. You can easily refine your inverter product search results by clicking your preferred inverter brand below from our list of manufacturers.

Applications for Inverters:

Inverters can be used in:

  • Computer monitors
  • Notebooks
  • Appliances
  • Portable media players
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablet PCs

Choosing the Right Inverter:

When you are looking for the right inverters, with the parametric search, you can filter the results by various attributes: by Number of CCFL Lamps (1, 2, 4 or 6), Input Voltage (up to 24 V) and Dimming (Yes, No), to name a few. You will be able to find the right notebook screen inverter, LCD inverter board, TV monitor inverter, CCFL inverter, LCD backlight inverter, universal LCD inverter, TFT inverter, or any computer or laptop inverter boards.

Inverters in Production Ready Packaging or R&D Quantities

We offer customers many of our products in quantities that will avoid unneeded surplus.

In addition, Future Electronics offers clients a unique bonded inventory program that is designed to eliminate potential problems that may arise from an unpredictable supply of products containing raw metals and products with erratic or long lead times. Talk with your nearest Future Electronics branch and find out more on how you and your company can avoid possible shortages.

Manufacturer Part Number Description
ERGSFD2EB4016FSmart Force Series 12 V Backlight LED Driver for NEC Displays
ERGSE23497FSingle Lamp 5 Volt Input DC to AC Inverter Module for NEC NL60448BC26-09
ERG8MAD2910FDual Lamp 12 Volt Input Dimming DC-AC Inverter Module for NEC 10.4" Backlight
ERGLD3179FDual Lamp 12 Volt Dimming DC to AC Inverter for Optronics G150XG01
ERGSK-NEC084VNEC LED Smart Kit for NL6448BC26-22F Display ( Driver and Harnesses )
ERG8M052322DC-AC Dimming Inverter Module for SHP 5.7" Backlight
ERG8M052322FDC-AC Dimming Inverter Module for SHP 5.7" Backlight
ERG8M053544FSingle Lamp 5 Volt Input Dimming DC-AC Inverter Module for LG Phillips LB070WV1
ERG8M123184FSingle Lamp DC to AC inverter 12volts
ERG8MA22004FDual Lamp 12 Volt Input Dimming DC-AC Inverter Module
ERG8MA22420FSingle Lamp 12 Volt Input Dimming DC-AC Inverter Module for NEC NL8060BC30-17
ERG8MA22475CCFL Inverter 24volt input wide dimming
ERG8MA22935CCFL Inverter Dual Lamp 5V Input
ERG8MA23196FDual Lamp 5 Volt Input Dimming DC-AC Inverter Module for Sharp LQ064V3DG01
NEC Displays121PW18112 Vdc (in) 570 Vrms (out) 63 kHz CCFL Inverter for LCD Module
NEC Displays104PW01FLED Driver Board for NEC 10.4" VGA/SVGA LCD
NEC Displays150PW02FLED Driver Board for NEC 15" XGA LCD
NEC Displays121PW02FLED Driver Board for NEC 12.1" SVGA LCD
NEC Displays104PW02FLED Driver Board for NEC 10.4" XGA LCD
NEC Displays150PW231CCFL Inverter Module 12 Volt Wide Dimming
NEC Displays104LHS35104LHS35 Back Light Holder 10.4" - 46, -54
NEC Displays104PW03FLED Driver Board for NEC 6.5"/8.4"/10.4"/12.1" VGA and SVGA LCD
NEC Displays104PW16112 Vdc (in) 600 Vrms (out) 55 kHz CCFL Inverter for LCD Module
TDKCXA-L10LCXA Series Single/Dual Lamp 12 V Non Dimming Connector DC to AC Inverter
TDKCXA-L10ACXA Series Single/Dual Lamp 5 V Input Non Dimming Connector DC to AC Inverter

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