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PCB Footprints, 3D Models & Symbols

ECAD Designing Made Easy Courtesy of Future Electronics & SamacSys

The days of generating your own models, or searching for a CAD file online are over. When browsing our products online, you can easily insert PCB Footprints, 3D Models and Symbols from the extensive SamacSys library into any major ECAD tool to streamline the process.

Future Electronics recognizes the need for engineers to have easy access to precise models, symbols and footprints to get the most out of their design and get their product to market faster. Ensuring the models are clear and accurate gives you peace of mind knowing what you get from us is expert-verified.


How to use PCB footprints, 3D models and symbols for your designs

Thanks to SamacSys, a complete library of PCB libraries is available for all major ECAD tools and accessible on FutureElectronics.com when searching for the products you need.

  1. Install the Library Loader. PCB libraries require this free software in order to convert them into the correct format for your ECAD tool.

  2. Run the Library Loader. A desktop shortcut will be created once installed.Library Loader Icon
    For more information about Library Loader, click here.

  3. Import the part. Click the icon, download the footprint, 3D model and/or symbol to use it in your design tool.


Look for these icons

PCB Symbol, Footprint and 3D Models available

PCB Symbols, Footprints and 3D Models

Schematic tools and PCB footprints are available

PCB Footprints

No models are currently available, but you can request one.

Simply fill in the required information to contact SamacSys with your request to update their library.

Request PCB Footprint, 3D Model or Symbol


Future Electronics PCB Footprints, 3D Models & Symbols

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We work closely with SamacSys, the developers of Library Loader, to provide you with our PCB Part Libraries for free.

Need support?

For any questions or concerns about SamacSys symbols, footprints and 3D models for our part library, please contact SamacSys.