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The Renesas RA Family is a new family of 32-bit microcontrollers which is based on the Arm® Cortex®-M core architecture, and which benefits from Renesas’ best-in-class technology for embedded system peripherals.

The RA family includes the RA2, RA4 and RA6 series, giving users a wide choice of performance ratings and features. Designers using the Renesas RA family can meet the requirements for scalability, power consumption and performance of almost any embedded end product.



The launch of the RA family offers a new option for designers working in an Arm Cortex-M environment, and who want to retain existing software assets. It is an alternative to the Renesas Synergy™ family of MCUs, which includes parts based on various Arm Cortex-M cores. These parts enable re-use of software created in the Synergy environment when migrating from one MCU to another, to reduce PCB layout effort and increase manufacturing efficiency.

Now the addition of the RA MCU family gives designers a Renesas option which offers the flexibility to use existing and legacy software for the Arm Cortex-M architecture.

There is broad feature and pin compatibility across the three series of RA MCUs. This provides scalability and easy code re-use between one device and another. The RA family includes:

  • RA2A1, offering highly integrated, high-accuracy analog capabilities and an Arm Cortex-M23 core
  • RA4M1, for control applications which drive a segment LCD panel. It offers low-power operation and high performance thanks to its Arm Cortex-M4 core
  • RA6M1, ideal for for IoT endpoint devices because of its high-level security features
  • RA6M2, suitable for automation applications. Upward-compatible with RA6M1 devices.
  • RA6M3, offering the highest performance specifications in the family - the largest memory options and a rich feature set including TFT LCD controller, 2D graphics engine, Ethernet connectivity and Hi-Speed USB. Like the other RA6 devices, the RA6M3 is based on an Arm Cortex-M4 core.

The RA family MCUs include an integrated capacitive touch-sensing unit for display control. Some parts also offer an embedded TFT display controller backed by a 2D drawing engine and JPEG image compression engine.

Renesas takes care of system security by providing an integrated cryptography module supporting encryption algorithms such as RSA, DSA, ECC, AES and SHA, as well as a true random number generator. The cryptography module also supports isolation of a key unique to each MCU.

  • Supported by open Flexible Software Package (FSP)
    • Based on FreeRTOS
    • Can be replaced by any other RTOS or middleware
  • IDE support:
    • Renesas e²studio
    • KEIL MDK
  • Supports GNU Arm Compiler version 6
  • Emulator support:
    • Segger J-Link
    • Renesas E2 emulator, E2 Lite emulator
  • Renesas PG-FP6 Flash memory programmer or third-party solutions
  • Home automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Building automation
  • Energy management systems
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Industrial IoT devices


Development Kits
  • RTK7EKA2A1S00001BU Evaluation Kit for RA2A1
  • RTK7EKA4M1S00001BU Evaluation Kit for RA4M1
  • RTK7EKA6M1S00001BU Evaluation Kit for RA6M1
  • RTK7EKA6M2S00001BU Evaluation Kit for RA6M2
  • RTK7EKA6M3S00001BU Evaluation Kit for RA6M3
  • RTK7EKA6M3S01001BU GUI Evaluation Kit for RA6M3



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