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In-cabin monitoring: Trends, challenges, and featured products for electronics design

A series of articles from Future Electronics’ Expert Panel Discussions

As cutting-edge applications in transportation electronics continue to take center stage, and with global regulations coming into place towards vehicle automation at its different levels, the market for in-cabin monitoring is poised for exponential growth. 

With an expected 18.9% CAGR increase between 2020 and 2034, in-cabin monitoring technologies present an interesting area of opportunity.  

In this series of articles, we explore innovations in driver and occupant monitoring systems and other advanced features, trends in design, potential challenges engineers might face, and the devices that are making a difference in the industry.  

To get an integral picture of the sector, we gathered a panel of experts from different areas of the industry, getting an in-depth, comprehensive look at the trends, challenges, and opportunities for engineers. 

Our panelists for this series were:  

      • Don Gunn, Processor Specialist at Future Intelligent Solutions who let us into the world of advanced and innovative processing technologies. 

      • John Stih, Sensor Specialist at Future Connectivity Solutions who dove into the many types of sensing technologies necessary for in-cabin monitoring. 

      • Mathew Zajac, Advanced Engineer at Future Electronics, specialized in automotive customers, who gave us insight on how technologies are being applied to real-world designs.  

      • Daniel Gomez, Advanced Engineer at Future Electronics, also specialized in automotive customers, who shared his experience with case studies and real-life scenarios. 

      • Lazina Rahman, Technical Marketing Engineer at Future Connectivity Solutions who was our mediator and guided us through our questions about wireless connectivity. 

    The discussion was prompted by questions that were approached from each one’s own area of expertise, at times prompting new questions and displaying how the areas entangle and interact.    

    Dive into the series and explore the articles:    

        1. In-cabin monitoring trends: from safety to comfort 

          1. Securing in-vehicle networks and connectivity 

            1. Navigating the challenges of in-cabin monitoring 

              1. Summary of featured products for in cabin monitoring  

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