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Future Electronics – Our Commitment to Accessibility


Our Commitment to Web Accessibility

Future Electronics is committed to ensuring everyone, including those with disabilities, has full and equal access to all our digital offerings throughout FutureElectronics.com in all regions.

Here are some of many ways we meet Web Accessibility Standards:

  • Descriptive alternative text: Every meaningful image on our website is assigned descriptive and informative alt text.
  • Website navigation: FutureElectronics.com can be used without a mouse, by trackpad only.
  • Interactive elements: Hover and focus indicators are used throughout our website to emphasize interactive elements such as links, images, buttons and more.
  • Color contrast: We ensure an image to text color contrast ratio sufficient for accessibility to all.
  • Visual design: The full website’s visual design is created using the most recent visual markup languages to ensure legibility for web browsers and devices that may not support style sheets.
  • Links: Most internal links do not open in a new tab or window, while external links will open a new tab or window. Additionally, whenever possible, links are written in a way that make sense out of context, in case some web browsers need to extract the links and allow users to navigate through them using a list.
  • Consistency: A consistent and predictable layout is used throughout FutureElectronics.com

We continuously review our accessibility measures in order to consistently adhere to the best practices of the web industry. If you need assistance accessing any information on our website, do not hesitate to contact us.