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Do I have to be registered to place an order?

No, you can use our Guest Checkout feature to place your order. However, creating an account gives you access to greater features and functionality including: order management, lists, BOM Manager and more.


Will I receive an email confirmation for my order?
Yes, we will send you an Order Confirmation email once your order is placed.


Will I receive tracking information for my order?
Yes, we will send you an Order Shipped email once your shipment leaves our warehouse. We will provide you with the tracking number.


Can I cancel an order once it has been submitted?
If the products you have ordered are not NCNR, you can request to cancel your order using our online form. To learn more about canceling an order, click here.


How can I submit a return?
If the products you have ordered are not NCNR and were purchased less than 90 days ago you may submit a return request using our online form. To learn more about product returns, click here.



USTR Section 301 Tariffs



Which parts have tariff charges?

USTR Section 301 identifies HTS Codes that will be levied with a tariff. There have been multiple Lists issued, with various start dates and at varying tariff rates.

How are the tariff charges determined?

Future Electronics has made the decision to pass on a discounted tariff rate percentage to simplify the invoicing process and provide transparency to our customers related to the tariff fees being billed on their invoice.

How are tariffs impacting non-US customers?

Future Electronics will not charge Section 301 tariffs on products delivered outside the United States.

Is lead-time and availability of product impacted?

Future Electronics has not been advised by any supplier that lead times and availability are being impacted due to the tariffs.

What is Future Electronics strategy for mitigating the tariff impact to customers?

Our tariff team is working with suppliers and industry representatives to minimize the impact to our customers while ensuring supply chains are not disrupted. In addition to buying parts from non-China sources when available, our product experts are available to discuss alternate components from our extensive line card not affected by the China tariffs. Future Electronics will make buying decisions that provide the best available solution for procuring inventory that reduces the impact of the tariffs.



When will I see the tariff charge per part?

Parts that are tariffed will display a symbol and a message box reading "Tariff charges may apply if shipping to the United States. An estimate of tariff charges will be calculated at checkout.". Once in the checkout process, the tariff charge will be calculated at the part level and added to your total bill as a separate charge.

How will the tariff charged be billed?

Existing Future Electronics customers will be billed as per their regular account specifics. They can be billed either by accumulating the tariff charges over a two week period and will receive a standalone invoice for the tariff charges for the previous 2 week activity, or, be billed on the same invoice as a separate charge.

If I have special payment terms on my account, do I also get special payment terms on tariff charges?

If tariff charges are included on the same invoice, we will match the payment terms. If you choose to be billed bi-weekly, the tariff charges are set to 60 day payment terms.

Can I request non-tariffed parts to be shipped for my order?

No. Future Electronics carries a mixture of inventory that includes parts made exclusively in China and parts that come from China that may be made in other jurisdictions. At this time, we are unable to guarantee that any requests for parts made in places outside of China can be honored, therefore, we will not be making any specific guarantees related to this type of request.



Can I select which region to ship my order from to avoid tariffs?

No. Future Electronics will ship product from the distribution center which is in the best position to fulfill the order requirements.

If I use a freight-forwarder, will I still get charged tariffs?

Existing Future Electronics customers will be billed tariffs based on final shipping location, as determined during account set up. Customers checking out as Guests will be charged tariffs based on physical shipping location.

Will I still be charged tariffs if the part was labeled as tariffed, but the parts shipped are not of origin China?

At the time of order fulfillment, if the parts are determined to not be of origin China, there will not be a tariff charge on those specific units and the tariff amount will be adjusted on the invoice.



Will the tariff charge be refunded if product is returned?

Yes. If a tariffed part is returned, the tariff charges will be refunded.

Will Future Electronics accept customer cancellations of NCNR orders due to the tariff?

No, the NCNR will be enforced. Future Electronics is only administering the tariff charge that is imposed upon us and is unable to modify this condition of sale.