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Tomorrow’s PoS: Machine Vision and AI in Action

As we reached the end of our discussion, our panelists drew a picture of how tomorrow could look like in the world of automated PoS. We explored the potential experiences that could become mainstream for benefiting customers, and which technologies would play a vital role in that. 

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Customized User Experiences: 

Machine vision and AI were the first and most recurring technologies highlighted during this part of the discussion. Don Gunn helped us visualize how these tools could be the keystone to personalized customer interactions.  

By leveraging AI-driven models and image sensors, businesses can design their interfaces based on real-time data. For example, thanks to facial recognition, establishments like a coffee shop can identify preferred customers by name and preferred type of orders as soon as they enter the shop. This, in addition to technologies like gesture recognition can further enhance engagement with users, allowing them to tailor their own experiences intuitively.  

Driving Support Services with AI Language Models: 

Customer support services are already being tackled and standardized with models like GPT. This could translate to PoS, where AI-powered chatbots provide consistent and efficient responses to customer interactions at the shops, enhancing their experience and increasing efficiency.  

While artificial intelligence driven support may encounter limitations, its integration with human assistance ensures a comprehensive service that plays to everyone’s strengths and needs.  

Enhanced Quality Assurance: 

Sevin Samadi pointed out how AI and machine vision in PoS could play integral roles for automation in businesses beyond the customer experience. These technologies can also be leveraged to integrate quality checks into shopping processes, ensuring businesses are delivering only high-quality products. Machine vision could be a reliable filter towards the minimization of defective items, improving business and customer satisfaction.  

As the future gets closer, new technologies come into play. Being at the forefront of innovation means being quick to learn, adopt, and integrate these into your projects. How can your creativity come into play to anticipate the future and lead the automated PoS revolution? 

This concludes our series Exploring Automated Point of Sale Innovations. Do you have any projects you’d like to take to the next level?  

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