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Embedded Security

The next level of system protection, a vital component of critical functionalities

Season 1: Episode 6

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Embedded Security, The Next Level of System Protection

More than ever, embedded systems are performing critical functions vital to the users safety and environment, often while being vulnerable to attack through internet connectivity, IP theft, or malicious reprogramming.

Embedded systems security is relevant to all industries – from transportation, aerospace and healthcare to household appliances. As embedded systems are becoming more intricate and interconnected with IoT, so is the potential for a breach in security.

In this episode of The Current, Todd Baker talks with Kimberley Dinsmore of Renesas, exploring how to manage the time and cost associated with improved security in embedded designs.

Future Electronics Security Solutions for Embedded Systems

Future Electronics simplifies embedded security by providing customers with a single trusted resource for supply of secure hardware IC solutions and reference designs from top manufacturers, as well as services to securely provision devices and protect IP as they move through the supply chain.

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