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About the current

Where Engineers Shape the Future

The Current is an application technology podcast series with industry-leading engineers that promises to keep you up to speed on some of the embedded semiconductor industry’s newest, fastest-growing and most exciting technologies, applications, and design techniques used by renowned experts.

Experience endless episodes packed with entertaining discussion topics that cover the latest ins and outs of embedded systems as well as how to thrive in trending markets while avoiding common design pitfalls and staying ahead of the industry’s best practices.

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Meet the host

Todd Baker

Vice President, Advanced Engineering Group at Future Electronics

With over 20 years of semiconductor industry experience starting as an embedded systems design engineer, Todd focused his passion for engineering design working on systems from such diverse areas as video game controllers and medical patient comfort devices to cellular based vehicle tracking devices. He has since evolved his own projects to helping other engineers build the designs that move embedded electronics forward.

Which brings us to The Current, where Todd’s motivation that spans across the entire electrical engineering field, has led him to launching a new video podcast series, allowing him to expand his knowledge at the edge of where technology is going.

Through the video podcast and his leadership of Future Electronics’ Advanced Engineering Group, Todd Baker ensures design engineers around the world have access to a trusted partner at Future Electronics as well as his network of the world’s greatest semiconductor engineers.

Season 4

The Current S4 – E2: Ohm’s Law of Security

Embedded Security is often seen as incredibly complex, with engineers asking themselves the constant question of “how secure is secure enough?” To help answer that question, Todd speaks with Patrick Carrier, Product Marketing Manager at Infineon. They discuss how to understand security as well as the topic of implementing it in our systems.

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The Current S4 – E1: A Dive into the Industry with Karim Yasmine

The semiconductor industry is expected to grow to over 1 trillion by 2033, but as we enter this year and the instability of the global market, will that still be the trajectory? In this first episode of Season Four, Todd discusses with our very own Karim Yasmine, Executive VP of Global Marketing what the major areas of growth will be.

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Season 3

Season 2

The Latest in Embedded Systems

The Latest in Embedded Systems

In this episode, Todd Speaks to Rick Dudley, Business Development Manager at Microchip about how engineers can make the choice to move from a microcontroller to a microprocessor for their applications.

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The Current S2E12 | Wide Bandgap to Maximize Power

Wide Bandgap to Maximize Power

In this episode, Todd speaks with Doug Bailey, Power Integrations Vice President of Marketing and Applications, about wide bandgap technologies and trying to demystify when they should be used in system designs.

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The Current S2E8 | The Power of Environmental Sensors with Bosch

The Power of Environmental Sensors

In this episode, Todd Baker discusses the topic with Dr. Richard Fix, Portfolio and Product Manager at Bosch Sensortec about their sensing solutions and how they can help accelerate the development of innovative IoT applications.

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Season 1