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Concept to Creation

Get Access to the Best Engineering Minds

The need to solve real-world design challenges has soared. We are now in an era where advancements in technology have triggered the importance of creativity, logistics support, problem solving and innovation.

Future Electronics recognizes that having a plan requires both the experience and resources to provide technical solutions on time to get to market fast. To be a valued parts distributor is one thing, but being your valued engineering partner every step of the way is another. Our industry-leading specialist teams are readily available worldwide to bring your next idea to life, with sustainable technical solutions from leading suppliers.



We set the pace of technology

Rely on our well-established group of engineers who have spent years offering their expertise and design approaches to solve real-world challenges of today and tomorrow.

Find your engineering partner now.



Future Electronics Engineering Solutions

Application Engineers

Our Application Engineers are true technology experts who not only understand, but embrace specific design complexities and are dedicated to overcoming them to provide the RIGHT solution for you. Through hands-on training from all our suppliers, these experts understand existing and future products in addition to the pros and cons of multiple technology options, which gets you early access to new product introductions and roadmaps, to get to market faster. Our multi-certified Applications Engineers can simply be an extension and partner to your engineering team, or help you from start to finish.

Future Electronics Engineering Solutions

Product Specialist Engineers

The expertise of our Specialist Engineering Teams lies in being physically involved with you at the design level. Their in-depth knowledge of man different product portfolios maximizes efficiency and lowers costs. These engineers cover everything from Analog & Power, Connectivity, Display and FPGA to Interconnect, Lighting, Processors, Sensors and more. Much like our Application Engineers, Technology & Product Specialist Engineers also take specific design challenges head on and are dedicated to overcoming them. Contact your Account Manager to direct you to the right specialist for your project.

Future Electronics Engineering Solutions

System Design Center Engineers

Strategically-located in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Our System Design Centers are the complete package. SDC Engineers are design experts and centralized technical support specialists providing complete turnkey solutions for your designs. Out of Future Electronics System Design Centers, teams develop reference and evaluation kits, development boards, reference designs, proof of concepts and other specific design consulting services to lower system costs and reduce time to market. Contact your Account Manager for details or visit our Advanced Engineering Group page for more information.

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The entire Future Electronics Engineering Group is Dedicated to Your Success with best-in-class globally-integrated experts available near you, so that you can get the best fit for your next big design project.

Extend your partnership with Future Electronics to ensure business continuity and long-term success!