C&K – RTE Series DIP – Low Profile Rotary DIP Switch

C&K RTE Series Low Profile Rotary DIP Switch

For designers of timers, automation components, alarms, access controls and smoke detectors, C&K’s RTE series low profile rotary DIP switches are the preferred choice. These miniature switches are available with a robust metal cover (in either black or silver nickel finish), a large choice of codings – and in a vertical, right angle or reverse version.

The RTE offers 10 or 16 positions in BCD or hexadecimal real codes, gray code versions, and a simple single pole for 4-pin only. PCB termination options include vertical or right-angled PCB thru-hole, vertical SMD gull wing, and reversed vertical PCB thru-hole versions.


The standard LCP actuator accepts a straight or crosshead screwdriver, or an optional shaft can be specified for manual operation. The color of the top plate with nickel plated can be specified as silver or black, and selecting the plate with a grounding pin is available for ESD protection function.


The movable contacts are made from gold-plated copper alloy for reliability, and their shape provides a positive detent to each position, ensuring accurate operation. The RTE switches cover the industrial temperature range of -25°C to +85°C. 


To check out which RTE model is right for your application, follow the link to our website: https://www.ckswitches.com/products/switches/product-details/DIP/RTE/


  • Miniature size with robust metal cover in black or silver nickel finish
  • Large choice of codings
  • Vertical, right angle or reverse version
  • Vertical PCB thro-hole version: 7.4mm x 8mm, height 4.2mm
  • Vertical SMT gullwing version: 7.2mm x 7.4mm, height 3.8mm


  • Timers, automation components
  • Alarms, access control, smoke detectors

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