TE Connectivity — Mini I/O Connectors
TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity Industrial Mini I/O Connectors

PoE-capable rugged industrial mini I/O connector system offers data rates up to 10 Gbits/s

The Industrial Mini I/O connector system from TE Connectivity (TE) is a compact, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board system for serial, bus and Ethernet connections in industrial applications. All products in the TE Industrial Mini I/O family have been designed for demanding industrial environments: all the connectors have 360° degree shielding to optimize performance.


The Mini I/O connectors have a low profile and are a quarter of the size of conventional RJ45 plugs, allowing designers to save board and rail space. A metal latch ensures stable, reliable connections: it prevents disconnection due to shock, vibration or tension on the cables. In addition, the connectors have a double point of contact, and to prevent mismating both Type I D-mating interfaces and Type II U-mating interfaces are available.


The surface-mount Mini I/O connectors can be used with the latest industrial assembly processes. Co-planarity of 0.08 mm means less solder paste is needed and the materials used in the connectors allow for high reflow solder temperatures.


TE’s Mini I/O field-installable cable connectors are available for Cat 5e and Cat 6A Ethernet connections for applications in which fast, solder-free field installation is needed. The Cat 5e connector consists of just two parts, and the Cat 6A connector of three. This allows for quick and error-free installation without any special tools or wire preparation: the connector automatically cuts off the wire at the optimal length during termination.


The Cat 5e connectors can accommodate four-wire AWG 24 and AWG 26 cables. The Cat 6A connectors can accommodate eight-wire AWG 24 and AWG 26 cables.


  • 60 V dc voltage rating
  • Current rating:
    • Cat 5e: 1 A
    • Cat 6A: 0.75 A
  • 100 N cable-retention force


  • Industrial communications
  • Motors and drives
  • Robotics
  • Programmable logic controllers
TE Connectivity — Mini I/O Connectors
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