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Embedded World 2022 Feature with the Laird Connectivity Summit SoM 8M Plus 

In this TechVentures video, Future Electronics’ Technical Marketing Engineer Lazina Rahman was on site at the 2022 Embedded World expo. Lazina visited Laird Connectivity’s booth where she introduced the company’s new System-on-Module (SoM), the Summit SOM 8M Plus.

The Summit SOM 8M Plus is Laird’s high-performance, secure, and robust IoT (Internet of Things) System-on-Module, offering full SoM solutions for industrial, medical, and commercial applications. This device is Laird’s next push after the prior 60 SoM series. The latest version is powered by NXP’s:

  • i.MX 8M Plus processor
  • 88W8997 Bluetooth 5.3 + WiFi 5 solution
  • PMICs (PCA9450CHN and PM823UK)
  • Performance LPDDR4 RAM
  • eMMC 5.1 storage

This updated version is ready to do machine learning in addition to having graphics, vision, and audio applications on board.

In the booth, we are presented with the development board exposing all the interfaces, such as:

  • 2 ethernet interfaces, 1 with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • HDMI interface for screen application
  • SD card interface
  • Antenna for Wi-Fi
  • Various interfaces for additional displays
  • USB interfaces
  • Cellular modem, LTE modem
  • Additional BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) modem

The SoM 8M Plus offers a wide range of possibilities for users, however, the Laird team gives particular examples of applications such as patient monitors, infusion pumps, AGVs, and factory automation applications. The team highlights the device’s ease of integration across interfaces.

To learn more about Laird Connectivity Summit SoM 8M Plus, please contact your local Future Electronics representative, or visit us online at FutureElectronics.com.

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