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Wi-Fi 6E with Silex | TechVentures with Lazina at Embedded World 2023

Follow Lazina on her journey at Embedded World 2023 where she learns about Wi-Fi 6E with Silex!

Welcome to another episode of TechVentures! We invite you to watch this featured episode where Lazina continued her journey by attending Embedded World 2023.

Lazina visited the Silex booth to further explore Wi-Fi 6E.

Wi-Fi 6E has opened a brand new spectrum in the history of Wi-Fi. This is the first time 6 GHz will be used. Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn more!

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Hi everyone! This is Lazina from Techventures, today I’m at Embedded World 2023 and I’m standing right outside the Silex booth, let’s go see what they’ve got going on!

Lazina (L): Hello Babar, how are you?

Babar (B): I’m good, how are you?

L: I’m good, why do you have a still picture here, and why is this one moving? Is this an interactive picture?

B: Yes, actually, we’re showing the benefits of 6 GHz for Wi-Fi. In this demo, what we’re showing they are basically streaming high-definition video across the network from an AP to a client. This side shows a picture that should be moving a little bit, but it’s kind of stuck because the 2.4 GHz frequency they are using is congested, and you’re seeing a lot of delays here. On the other hand, the 6 GHz, because it’s completely new spectrum if you will, think of it.

L: It hasn’t been infiltrated yet as you would say?

B: Sure, it’s like an empty highway that’s brand new, with wider lanes, no traffic. So, every benefit for Wi-Fi 6, it gets amplified if you’re using 6GHz. In this demo, you can see that video being played flawlessly and its pretty continuous with speed, throughput, and latency benefits.

L: What’s the difference between wi-fi 6E and wi-fi 6?

B: Wi-fi 6E is an extension of wi-fi 6

L: So, the highway just got bigger?

B: Wi-Fi 6E actually introduces the 6 GHz. So that’s a completely new spectrum that was introduced in the history of wi-fi. This is the first time that wi-fi has opened a brand-new spectrum for 6 GHz. So wi-fi 6 is still using 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, whereas wi-fi 6E, it’s 6GHz which is the first time anyone in the Wi-Fi history is using.

L: Is there a way to evaluate this? Do you have a development board?

B: Yeah sure, so this is our module based on

L: It’s pretty small!

B: It’s based on Qualcomm 2066 technology, you can evaluate with a number of platforms. In this demo, we are using NVidia jetson platform. Being an NVidia partner-

L: With TE antennas!

B: With TE antennas, so, demonstrating our ecosystem, also here, being partners with Nvidia and TE both using their components to demonstrate wi-fi 6E benefits. You can also use NXP based platforms. It’s up to the customer how they want to evaluate.

L: thank you so much!

If you need more information, please feel free to reach out to your local future electronics representative or visit us online at futureelectronics.com! Thanks for watching!


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