Monolithic Power Systems — MPQ4488B-AEC1 Step-Down Converter
Monolithic Power Systems

Step-down power converter supports dual USB charging ports

AEC-Q100-qualified MPQ4488B-AEC1 includes multiple circuit-protection features

The automotive-grade MPQ4488B from Monolithic Power Systems is an integrated power regulator for USB charging ports.


The device combines a monolithic, step-down, switch-mode converter with two USB current-limit switches, as well as charging port identification circuitry for each of two USB ports. The MPQ4488B can supply up to 6 A of output current across a wide input-voltage range of 6 V to 36 V, while maintaining excellent load and line regulation.


The MPQ4488B requires a small number of readily available, standard external components, and is supplied in a 5 mm x 5 mm QFN-26 package. The MPQ4488BGU-FD-AEC1 version of the product includes frequency spread-spectrum capability to help OEMs to comply with strict EMC requirements.


Each USB switch output is current-limited. Both USB ports support dedicated charging port (DCP) schemes for various battery charging specifications, including BC1.2, Apple 3A Divider mode, 1.2V/1.2V mode, and USB Type-C for 5 V operation at 3 A in DFP mode. This eliminates the need for outside user interaction to initiate charging operations.


A full set of protection features includes:

  • Current limiting with hiccup mode
  • Output over-voltage protection

Thermal shutdown


  • Apple MFI R33 certified
  • USB-IF Type-C certified
  • 135°C load-shedding entry temperature
  • Selectable output voltages: 5.1 V, 5.17 V, or 5.3 V
  • 100 mV line drop compensation
  • 18 mΩ/15 mΩ low on-resistance internal buck power MOSFETs
  • 18 mΩ/18 mΩ low on-resistance internal USB1/USB2 power MOSFETs
  • Adjustable switching-frequency range: 250 kHz to 2.2 MHz
  • Forced continuous conduction mode
  • Hiccup current limiting for both buck and USB power converters
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified


  • USB dedicated charging ports
  • USB Type-C charging ports

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