Monolithic Power Systems

Monolithic Power Systems MPM3650C Synchronous Step-Down Power Module

Integrated 6A power module offers tight power regulation

Monolithic Power Systems’ MPM3650C is a fully integrated, synchronous step-down power module which supplies a continuous, tightly regulated output current of up to 6A from a 2.75V-17V input-voltage range.


The MPM3650C operates in synchronous mode for higher efficiency over the load range. Constant-on-time control at a fixed 1.2MHz switching frequency provides fast transient response, and makes it easy to design the control loop.


A full set of protection features includes short-circuit, over-current, and under-voltage protection, and thermal shut-down.


The MPM3650C requires a small number of standard external components, and is supplied in a 4mm x 6mm QFN package.


  • Output-voltage range options:
    • 6V to 1.8V at an output current up to 6A
    • 8V to 3.3V at an output current up to 5A
  • Forced continuous conduction mode for low output-voltage ripple
  • Supports pre-biased start-up
  • Externally programmable soft-start time
  • Enable and Power Good functions for power sequencing


  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer electronics
Monolithic Power Systems — MPM3650C Synchronous Step-Down Power Module

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