Panasonic Industry

Panasonic Industry EEEFH0 & EEEFH1 Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

New 50V aluminum capacitor boasts long lifetime of up to 10,000 hours

Panasonic Industry offers an extended lifetime in its new EEEFH0 and EEEFH1 series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The capacitors are guaranteed to operate for a minimum of 10,000 hours at 105°C. The EEEFHx series’ lifetime is longer by between 40% and 100% when compared to other surface-mount low-impedance capacitors that are rated for operation at up to 105°C.


The new EEEFHx series are also notable for their low ESR, ranging from 0.45Ω to 0.75Ω across the range. This results in low waste heat generation and high efficiency, and is a useful characteristic in applications in which longevity is important. 


The EEEFHx capacitors are suitable for high-temperature reflow soldering processes.


  • Capacitance range: 10µF to 680µF
  • Rated voltage range: 6.3V to 50V DC
  • Operating-temperature range: -55°C to 105°C
  • Ripple current ratings: 300mA, 600mA, 670mA or 850mArms


  • Smart lighting
  • IT equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Industrial applications
Panasonic Industry — EEEFH0 & EEEFH1 Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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