Vishay — SiR608DP MOSFET

Vishay SiR608DP MOSFET

45 V MOSFET features low gate charge for efficient power conversion

Vishay provides an advanced 45 V N-channel MOSFET that is intended for use in high-efficiency dc-dc power-conversion circuits.


The SiR608DP is ideal as a replacement for a 40 V MOSFET in circuits that are at risk of transient voltage events for which the 40 V breakdown voltage rating provides an insufficient safety margin.


In these conditions, the 45 V SiR608DP provides better efficiency than a 60 V MOSFET, the typical alternative to a 40 V MOSFET in power circuits. This is because of the outstanding operating characteristics of the SiR608DP: its low on-resistance is complemented by very low gate charge and output capacitance.


The SiR608DP is supplied in a PowerPAK® SO-8 package which has a standard 6 mm x 5 mm footprint, and which contributes negligible additional resistance to the circuit.


  • 1 mΩ maximum on-resistance at a gate-source voltage of 10 V
  • 5 nC gate charge
  • 166 A maximum continuous drain current at a case temperature of 70°C
  • 3 V maximum gate-source threshold voltage


  • Battery management systems
  • Computing devices
  • Motor control
  • Power supplies
  • Power tools
  • Servers
  • Telecoms equipment
Vishay — SiR608DP MOSFET

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