Infineon — OPTIGA Connect IoT Samples Kit

Infineon OPTIGA Connect IoT Samples Kit

Sample kit enables easy evaluation of eSIM with worldwide cellular network coverage

Infineon is offering free sample kits which enable developers of new IoT devices to evaluate the secure, worldwide cellular, mobile phone, network coverage provided by the OPTIGA™ Connect IoT solution.


The Infineon connectivity offering is based on its best-in-class Common Criteria EAL5+-certified eSIM hardware, which exceeds the security standards typically required by industry today, combined with a data plan provided by Tata Communications which gives seamless access to more than 640 cellular networks in 200 countries. Coverage stretches across the Americas, Japan, Greater China, the Asia-Pacific region, and Europe.


IoT device developers can evaluate the Infineon eSIM and Tata Communications networking solution with the new OPTIGA Connect IoT Samples Kit. The kit, which may be ordered with the part number OPTIGACONNECTKIT1XHSA1, consists of seven pre-provisioned samples. Five of the eSIM cards are in the standard MFF2 format, and two support multiple formats.


The eSIM samples are backed by a 70Mbyte Tata pooled data plan, and access to the Tata eSIM hub. The data plan is valid for six months in 150 countries across the Americas, Asia and Europe. The Infineon eSIM cards are easy to activate by registering them on the Tata hub.


By integrating the OPTIGA Connect IoT samples into prototypes of IoT device designs, OEMs can test the security capabilities of the OPTIGA platform, as well as the electrical and mechanical performance of the Infineon eSIM hardware.


A turnkey solution, OPTIGA™ Connect IoT allows for easy, secure, and cost-optimized deployment and management of cellular-enabled IoT devices at scale. It comes with a pre-installed GSMA-compliant operating system and pre-integrated connectivity capabilities.


Via the Tata Communications cellular networking arrangement, OPTIGA Connect IoT offers global coverage of 2G, 3G, 4G, CatM and other LTE services. End-to-end connectivity management extending from design, through production to deployment, reduces complexity, offers full visibility into IoT devices and simplifies their control. It meets the main requirements for connectivity management today: interoperability, technical support, cost, and coverage.


OPTIGA™ Connect IoT eSIM hardware offers extra tamper resistance, hardening it against physical attacks. This is especially important for devices which remain in the field for long periods of time.


  • Connectivity standards compliance:
    • GSMA SGP.02 v3.2
    • ETSI TS102 221
    • ETSI TS102 671
  • Remote SIM provisioning enabled
  • Low power consumption
  • Voltage classes A, B, C
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 105°C
  • 10 years’ data retention


  • Commercial agricultural vehicles
  • Network edge gateways
  • Security cameras
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Asset tracking
  • Light electric vehicles
  • Smart energy equipment
  • Smart home devices
  • Smart city infrastructure
  • Wearable devices
Infineon — OPTIGA Connect IoT Samples Kit

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