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CUI Inc PGNM1-S Series of DC-DC Converters

Ideal solution for medical instrumentation among other key applications

The PGNM1-S series of DC-DC converters by CUI Inc offers 1 W of power, a 1:1 input range, and a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +105°C.

Housed in a compact SIP package, this family of 1 W isolated modules is EN 60601-1 and UL 60601-1 certified, making it an ideal solution for medical instrumentation, consumer electronics, EV charging, and industrial electronics applications.


  • 1W isolated output
  • Unregulated single/dual outputs
  • 6,000 Vdc isolation
  • Certified to EN/BS EN/UL 60601-1 (1 x MOPP, 2 x MOOP)
  • Designed to meet EN 62368-1
  • Leakage current less than 2 µA


  • -40 °C ~ 105 °C operating temperature
  • Continuous output short circuit protection
  • Reinforced insulation
  • Certified to EN/BS EN and UL 60601-1
  • Reinforced insulation
  • 6000 Vdc isolation


  • Medical instrumentation
  • Consumer electronics


  • EV charging
  • Industrial electronics