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Ultraviolet C (UVC) Technology That Cleans

In this episode, Todd Baker speaks to Patrick Durand, Worldwide Technical Director of Future Lighting Solutions about the best practices for UVC and how the technology is helping change the environment around us.

Ultraviolet C or UVC has become synonymous with cleansing practices to eliminate germ and harmful viruses that surround us. But just how is this technology used and how safe it is? Watch or tune into this latest episode of The Current to find out!

UVC LED Disinfection

UVC LED is a shorter, more energetic wavelength of light, which has been fundamental to sterilization for some time. The strong radiation completely changes the genetic structure of coronaviruses and prevents the viral particles from mutating.

Around for some time, this key method of sterilization has been effective in reducing bacteria in hospitals, offices, factories, airplanes and more.

Recent applications of UVC LED disinfection to combat the coronavirus
  • Busses in China have been blasted by beams of ultraviolet light to greatly reduce the spread of the virus.
  • UVC LED disinfection technology has recently been combined with light-emitting robots to help fight COVID-19.
  • In addition to washing hands before and after handling cash, paper money has been exposed to UV light and high temperatures to disinfect them.

Our Future Lighting Solutions division teamed up with global LED specialist Seoul Viosys to meet the soaring production needs of our partners by devoting resources to UVC LEDs, compatible optics, simulation tools and support. We are committed to helping our partners seamlessly incorporate UVC technology in various designs and applications.

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