STMicroelectronics — IIS2ICLX Digital Inclinometer

STMicroelectronics IIS2ICLX Digital Inclinometer

Two-axis digital inclinometer offers high temperature stability and low power consumption

The IIS2ICLX from STMicroelectronics is an accurate, low-power, two-axis digital inclinometer for use in applications such as industrial automation and structural health monitoring. The inclinometer features a programmable machine learning core and 16 independent programmable finite state machines which help edge devices to save power and reduce the size and frequency of data transfers to the cloud.


Based on MEMS accelerometer technology, the IIS2ICLX inclinometer has a selectable full scale of ±0.5 g/±1 g/±2 g/±3 g and provides outputs over an I2C or serial peripheral interface. Embedded compensation maintains stability to within 0.075 mg/°C over the operating-temperature range of -40°C to 105°C. This ensures high accuracy and repeatability even in fluctuating ambient temperatures.


The IIS2ICLX programmable machine learning core integrates artificial intelligence algorithms, for example for detection of the tilt angle, to reduce the processing burden at the host controller and to lower system-level power consumption.


Low noise density of 15 μg/√Hz enables high-resolution tilt sensing, as well as sensing of low-level, low-frequency vibration, as required when monitoring the health of large structures such as wind turbines, bridges and skyscrapers. Affordable, battery-powered MEMS tilt sensors containing the IIS2ICLX enable many more structures to be monitored than has been economically viable using earlier, more expensive technologies.


The combination of high stability and repeatability, high accuracy and high resolution also makes the IIS2ICLX well suited to industrial use cases such as:

  • Antenna pointing and monitoring
  • Platform leveling
  • Forklifts and construction machines
  • Leveling instruments
  • Equipment installation and monitoring
  • Installation and sun tracking for solar panels
  • Industrial robots

Many competing precision inclinometers are single-axis devices. The two-axis IIS2ICLX can sense tilt with respect to a horizontal plane along two axes (pitch and roll) or, by combining the two axes, can measure tilt with high and repeatable accuracy and resolution with respect to a single direction in the horizontal plane over a range of ±180°. The digital output of the sensor simplifies system design and reduces bill-of-materials cost by eliminating the need for external digital-to-analogue conversion or filtering.


To ease the adoption of the IIS2ICLX and accelerate application development, ST provides the MotionAC2 software library to support sensor calibration, and MotionTL2 for real-time computation of tilt angle.


  • 0.42 mA operating current
  • Sensor hub capability
  • Up to 3 kbyte embedded FIFO
  • Programmable digital filters: High-pass and low-pass
  • High shock survivability


  • Industrial vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Industrial IoT devices
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Leveling instruments

Evaluation Board

Board Part Number: STEVAL-MKI209V1K

The STEVAL-MKI209V1K evaluation board has an IIS2ICLX inclinometer, which is connected through flat cable to a simple adapter board, the STEVAL-MKIGIBV2, to render it compatible with the STEVAL-MKI109V3 microcontroller motherboard.

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