Infineon — ICL88xx Flyback Controllers

Infineon ICL88xx Flyback Controllers

Single-stage flyback controllers provide constant-voltage output for smart LED drivers

Infineon has introduced the ICL8800, ICL8810, and ICL8820 flyback LED power controllers which provide a constant-voltage output in flexible and cost-effective two-stage power systems for smart LED drivers. The flyback controllers meet the performance and feature requirements of LED lighting applications which have a maximum power rating of up to 125 W.


All three variants are notable for their excellent power factor correction and low total harmonic distortion (THD) at full- and low-load conditions.


The ICL88xx devices are optimized for use as secondary-side regulated flyback controllers, and are also well suited to primary-side regulation. To achieve optimum efficiency and low EMI without compromising light quality, the ICs implement critical conduction mode (CCM) and quasi-resonant mode (QRM) control with smart valley hopping.


All the ICL88xx products offer a comprehensive set of protection features, including power limitation and secondary-side over-voltage protection. The devices require a smaller number of external components than competing controllers, resulting in lower bill-of-materials costs for LED drivers.


The ICL8800 is the basic member of the family, providing all of the above features. The ICL8810 also provides an integrated burst mode which produces very low standby power consumption of less than 100 mW, and enables flicker-free deep dimming down to 0.1%. This feature makes the ICL8810 ideally suited to smart lighting applications when used with a host microcontroller.


The ICL8820 is the fully-featured variant: on top of the ICL8800 and ICL8810 features, it has an integrated dc-input jitter function. This improves EMI performance, making it easier to comply with the requirements for EMI certification in the design of LED drivers for emergency lighting without additional circuitry.


  • More than 0.9 power factor
  • Less than 10% THD
  • Switching-frequency range: 20 kHz to 150 kHz
  • External start-up circuit control signal
  • 90 V to 300 V ac or dc input voltage
  • Soft-start


  • LED drivers
  • Smart lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Power adapters
  • Battery chargers
  • TVs
  • All-in-one PCs
  • Computer monitors
Infineon — ICL88xx Flyback Controllers

Reference Design Board

Part Number: REFICL8800LED43WTOBO1

REF_ICL8800_LED_43W is a 43 W reference design featuring the Infineon ICL8800 flyback controller. The board is a constant-voltage, secondary-side regulated system, and is intended to be used with a constant-current converter for LED lighting applications.


REF_ICL8800_LED_43W is a plug-and-play solution for the flyback converter in a two-stage power system, and can be combined with secondary-side dc-dc converter boards from Infineon.


In its default set-up, the reference design board has a start-up circuit based on a BSS126I depletion-mode MOSFET on a very small adapter board. This set-up offers low standby losses. If low standby power consumption is not necessary, the circuit can be changed to a resistive start-up configuration.

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