Lumileds — LUXEON Rubix Color LEDs

Lumileds LUXEON Rubix Color LEDs

Ultra-small color LEDs high brightness offer greater design flexibility

The LUXEON Rubix family of miniature color LEDs from Lumileds handles substantially higher drive current than earlier color LEDs to give luminaire designers greater freedom to optimize both the layout of their light engine and the design of the fixture.


The LUXEON Rubix LEDs free engineers from the design constraints of pre-configured color LED modules. Instead, fixture designers can now create custom arrays with smaller optics, and produce smaller luminaires which have a brighter output.


The LUXEON Rubix LEDs have a footprint of just 1.4 mm x 1.4 mm, and operate at a drive current of up to 3 A. The high luminous flux and small size enable designers to achieve very high luminous density, an important benefit in applications such as emergency vehicle lighting and stage lighting.


The range includes eight colors including 5,700 K white.


  • 125° typical viewing angle
  • Tested and binned at 85°C
  • High punch


  • Stage lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Emergency vehicle lighting
  • Floodlights
  • Wall wash lighting


Minimum Light Output at 1.5 A Drive Current, 85°C

Typical Light Output at 1.5 A Drive Current, 85°C


180 mW

230 mW


75 lm

85 lm

Phosphor-converted Amber

220 lm

250 lm


420 lm

510 lm


260 lm

310 lm


80 lm

112 lm

Royal Blue

1,300 mW

1,635 mW


360 lm

440 lm

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Lumileds — LUXEON Rubix Color LEDs

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