Nexperia — NextPower PSMN3R5/9 MOSFETs

Nexperia NextPower PSMN3R5/9 MOSFETs

Next-generation MOSFETs enable more efficient power conversion

The latest 80 V and 100 V NextPower MOSFETs from Nexperia are suitable for applications requiring high-efficiency switching and excellent reliability.


The 100 V PSMN3R9-100YSF and 80 V PSMN3R5-80YSF MOSFETs feature substantially lower on-resistance than the previous generation of Nexperia MOSFETs, and are housed in a footprint-compatible LFPAK56E package.

  • The PSMN3R9-100YSF has on-resistance of 4.3 mΩ, compared to 7 mΩ in the previous generation
  • The PSMN3R5-80YSF has on-resistance of 3.5 mΩ, compared to 8 mΩ

NextPower 80 V/100 V MOSFETs also offer an improved body diode which features low maximum source-drain voltage of 1 V. Reverse-recovery charge is as low as 44 nC in the PSMN3R9-100YSF and 25 nC in the PSMN3R5-80YSF. Low reverse-recovery charge reduces spiking and EMI emissions, and contributes to improved switching efficiency in high-performance power converters.


NextPower 80 V/100 V MOSFETs enable power-system designers to reduce conduction losses and improve efficiency in a wide range of power-switching applications.


For functions such as hot-swap, soft start and inrush control, which require a wide safe operating area (SOA), Nexperia also offers ASFET versions of these MOSFETs. These PSMN4R8-100YSE and PSMN4R2-80YSE parts feature an enhanced SOA for robust linear-mode operation.


The PSMN3R9-100YSF and PSMN3R5-80YSF are the first devices to be manufactured by Nexperia at its new 8-inch wafer production line in Manchester, UK. This new production line is part of Nexperia’s effort to increase global manufacturing capacity and improve availability of essential semiconductor devices.


  • Avalanche-rated and 100% tested
  • LFPAK56E compatible with other 5 mm x 6 mm packages
  • Qualified to 175°C
    • Complies with IPC9592 standard


  • Brushless dc motors
  • Ac-dc and dc-dc converters
  • 48 V telecoms power supplies
  • Server power supplies
  • USB chargers and adapters
  • LED lighting
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Solar inverters
  • Hot-swap and safe-start applications

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