Microchip PIC32CM LE00 Curiosity Pro Evaluation Kit

Microchip PIC32CM LE00 Curiosity Pro Evaluation Kit

Eval kit enables development with ultra-low power MCU

The Microchip PIC32CM LE00 Curiosity Pro kit enables design engineers to evaluate the ultra-low power PIC32CM LE00 family of Arm® Cortex®-M23-based microcontrollers, and to develop system prototypes.


The PIC32CM LE00 family is notable for its ultra-low power consumption, and for integrating touch-sensing capability and multiple smart analogue peripherals.


Valuable features which the user of the Curiosity Pro kit can evaluate include power-saving SleepWalking peripherals and water-tolerant touch sensing. Engineers can also test the performance of the PIC32CM LE00 MCUs’ analogue capabilities, including operational amplifiers, an ADC and a DAC.


Prototype development is facilitated by the Microchip MPLABX integrated development environment, the MPLAB Harmony v3 software suite and the MPLAB Code Configurator.


The PIC32CM LE00 Curiosity Pro kit includes an on-board embedded debugger, eliminating the need for external tools to program or debug code. The kit also features a current-measurement module with data visualizer support for real-time power measurement.


  • On-board MCUs:
    • PIC32CM5164LE00100
    • PIC32CM5164LS00100
    • PIC32CM5164LS60100
  • Extension headers
  • Arduino Uno header connectors
  • mikroBUS socket
  • USB host or device interface
  • Touch-sensing button
  • Potentiometer


  • Consumer devices
  • Battery-powered systems
  • Industrial equipment
Microchip EV80P12A

Evaluation Kit

Part Number: EV80P12A

The Microchip PIC32CM LE00 Curiosity Pro kit includes an Arduino Uno connector, a microBUS socket and extension headers to provide for the addition of peripheral boards in support of application development. The board also provides one touch-sensing button and a potentiometer.

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