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Renesas RZ/T2L High-Performance MPU

Realizing High-Speed and High-Precision for Real-Time Control with EtherCAT

RZ/T2L is high-performance MPU that realizes high-speed and high-precision real-time control with EtherCAT. RZ/T2L has Arm® Cortex®-R52 @Max Frequency 800MHz and the large tightly coupled memory size (576 KB) is directly connected to the CPU, reducing the fluctuation in execution time that can occur when cache memory is used, and delivering deterministic and fast-response processing. RZ/T2L has seamless hardware architecture with RZ/T2M such as CPU core, peripheral functions and LLPP (Low Latency Peripheral Port) bus, and can be proposed for higher performance control systems such as AC servo. Also, RZ/T2L offers a scalable and compatible software platform with Renesas MPUs and MCUs. It enables customer utilizing their software assets for new model development.


  • CPU: Arm® Cortex®-R52, maximum operating frequency 800MHz
  • EtherCAT® slave controller
  • Trigonometric function accelerator
  • Memory: Tightly coupled memory 576KB (with ECC), Internal RAM 1MB (with ECC)
  • Industrial Ethernet: EtherCAT® support
  • Encoder interface: 2ch (supports A-format™, EnDat2.2, BiSS®-C, HIPERFACE® DSL, FA-CODER)
  • Offering functional safety software up to SIL3
  • Motor current loop < 1µs
  • xSPI (Octa/Quad) support
  • Serial Host I/F
  • PWM: 3-phase complementary PWM output for dual motor control
  • ADC: 12-bit x 2 units
  • ΔΣ I/F: 6ch
  • Package: 196-pin BGA
  • Voltage: Core 1.1V , I/O 3.3/1.8V


  • High performance real-time control
  • Motor control system on a single chip
  • Easy to utilize customer’s S/W assets for new model development
  • Supports equipment such as factory automation requiring reliability and synchronization of communication
  • Reduce customer’s effort and cost for functional safety development


  • AC servo
  • Industrial motor
  • Inverter
  • Industrial robot
  • Medical equipment
  • Wind turbine
  • Elevator

RZ/T2L Block Diagram

Renesas — RZ/T2L Block Diagram

Scalable System Solution (AC Servo/ AC Drive)

Users can select the MPU suitable for their products from Renesas' MPU lineup that is developed based on similar hardware (H/W) architecture.

Also, users can use the compatible software platform between Renesas MPU and MCU to utilize existing software S/W assets and easily scale their product development.

Renesas — RZ/T2L Scalable System Solution (AC Servo/ AC Drive)


Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/T2L

Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/T2L is an evaluation and development kit for the RZ/T2L MPU.

By simply connecting the bundled cable to your PC, you can immediately start evaluation through an on-board emulator. This product contains rich functional ICs such as Gigabit Ethernet PHY and Octal Flash so you can evaluate various functions of the RZ/T2L without an extension board.

Product limitation:
When using EtherCAT (switch SW8-8 set to ON), only xSPI0 boot mode(x1 boot serial flash) is available.

When using boot modes except the xSPI0 boot mode (x1 boot serial flash), set the switch SW8-8 to OFF. In this case, EtherCAT is unavailable.

Renesas — Starter Kit+ for RZ/T2L

Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/T2L

Key Features:

  • Renesas e2studio + J-Link by Segger
  • IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm + I-Jet ICE/ I-Jet Trace by IAR
  • Renesas e2studio + TRACE32 PowerDebug & PowerTrace by Lauterbach
  • Flexible Software Package (FSP)
    • Free RTOS, HAL driver
  • Encoder library
  • EtherCAT protocol
  • Security software package