Lumileds — LUXEON CoB Core Pro LEDs

Lumileds LUXEON CoB Core Pro LEDs

New CoB LED combines high quality of light and dazzling color with high efficacy

Lumileds has introduced the LUXEON CoB Core Pro family of high-power LEDs, which offers excellent light quality, dazzling color rendition, and high luminous efficacy. The new CoB LEDs provide the combination of high performance and low operating expenses required in demanding retail, commercial and hospitality lighting applications.


The new LUXEON CoB Core Pro LEDs feature a 3,000 K color point which is below the black body and aligned with that of traditional ceramic discharge metal halide (CMR) fixtures.


Excellent color reproduction and a sparkling lighting effect are assured by the LEDs’ high CRI of 92, and an R9 score higher than 50. Combined with high efficacy, the excellent performance of these Lumileds LEDs makes them ideal for retail and many hospitality recessed and track lighting solutions.


Use of this Lumileds CoB LED avoids the drawbacks of CMR luminaires, such as the presence of mercury, start-up lag, and excessive heat generation. Instead, the CoB Core Pro LEDs offer excellent color consistency over time and low energy consumption.


Light Emitting Surface Diameter

Typical Luminous Flux

Luminous Efficacy

Test Current

Part Number

9 mm

810 lm

117 lm/W

200 mA


9 mm

1,344 lm

130 lm/W

300 mA


13 mm

2,735 lm

130 lm/W

600 mA


15 mm

4,084 lm

130 lm/W

900 mA


15 mm

4,200 lm

134 lm/W

900 mA


15 mm

4,310 lm

141 lm/W

900 mA


19 mm

5,510 lm

132 lm/W

1,200 mA



  • Multiple LES sizes for design flexibility
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Supported by an optical, electrical and mechanical ecosystem


  • Spotlights
  • Track lights
  • Downlights
  • Low-bay lighting
Lumileds — LUXEON CoB Core Pro LEDs

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