Hirose Electric — DF62 Connectors
Hirose Electric

Hirose Electric DF62 Connectors

Low-profile connectors facilitate easy, snag-free wiring in tight spaces

The DF62 series of slim wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors from Hirose Electric is ideal for applications in which in-line wire-to-wire connections must be made in small or narrow spaces.


With a pitch of 2.2 mm x 2 mm, the mated connectors are just 18.6 mm long, and are less than 10 mm wide and high. The edges of the connector are rounded to prevent them becoming snagged in tight spaces during the wiring process.


Part of the high-performance SignalBee™ family of signal cable connectors, the DF62 series supports reliable connections through both the design of the connector lock and the crimp contacts. The connector lock strength is 50 N: when correctly mated, the lock provides tactile feedback and an audible click to confirm secure locking. In addition the lock structure has a slot to allow a visual check.


The crimp contacts provide reliable performance in operating environments which are subject to vibration and shock. The box-shaped contact head of the female contact acts as a mating guide to align the male contact, enabling smooth mating and preventing contact buckling. 


Furthermore, the crimp contact has two special contact points which protrude slightly to follow the surface of the male contact during the mating process, giving a more durable connection. The lance area of the crimp contact is reinforced to prevent the cable being pulled out, and has a strength of 25 N per pin when using AWG 28 wire.


New additions to the DF62 series include the DF62C, which has a lock guard to protect the lock from being ensnared in exceptionally tight spaces, and the DF62P, a panel-mount plug. A waterproof version, the DF62W, is also available.


  • Contact positions: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 24
  • 4 A current rating
  • 250 V voltage rating
  • Operating-temperature range: -35°C to 105°C
  • Cable size: AWG 22 to AWG 30


  • Robots
  • Medical devices
  • LED lighting
  • Gaming equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Automatic ticket gates
Hirose Electric — DF62 Connectors

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