Renesas — US178 Universal SMARC Carrier Board

Renesas US178 Universal SMARC Carrier Board

Universal SMARC computing carrier board provides multiple audio and video interfaces

Renesas has introduced a reference design for a universal carrier board which supports the SMARC 2.x standard for compact embedded computing modules.


The SMARC carrier board is the latest in a series of ‘Winning Combinations’ of components from Renesas and Dialog Semiconductor, now a Renesas company. It features multiple power supplies and supports various interfaces, including video and audio, to enable its use in a diverse set of applications.


The Smart Mobility ARChitecture (SMARC) standard defines a versatile, small form-factor computer module for applications which require low power, low cost, and high performance. SMARC modules’ power consumption is typically less than 6 W. A SMARC module has a footprint of either 82 mm x 50 mm or 82 mm x 80 mm.


The Renesas universal carrier board supports multiple capabilities to enable its use across a variety of embedded computing applications. These capabilities include:

  • Dual camera support
  • Support for display protocols including DSI, HDMI, and LVDS
  • USB port expansion
  • External memory support
    • MicroSD card
    • QSPI
    • PCIe memory
    • Optional MRAM
  • Headphone audio interface with microphone
  • Multiple power supplies
    • USB-C Power Delivery
    • Power-over-Ethernet
    • 12 V input

Renesas/Dialog Components

  • DA7212 stereo audio codec
  • ISL81601 synchronous buck-boost controller
  • ISL80019 synchronous buck regulator
  • AT25QF128A 128 Mbit NOR Flash memory
  • ISL61851BCBZ dual USB power controller
  • uPD720115 USB 2.0 hub controller


  • Embedded computing systems
  • Human-machine interfaces
  • Video/audio streaming

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