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The Panasonic Grid-EYE® AMG8834EVAL Evaluation Kit featuring TrackMe Software for its' Grid-EYE Infrared Array Sensor, which integrates a ”nanopower” Bluetooth® Smart Module and a microcontroller. The AMG8834EVAL Kit is intended for prototyping the Grid-EYE Sensor which is a 64 pixel IR camera in a surface mount package measuring 11.6mm x 8mm x 4.3mm, which integrates the MEMS Sensor, lens and I2C interface.



The integrated Bluetooth RF Module in the AMG8834EVAL is the Panasonic PAN1740 Series which draws 4.9mA in transmit or receive operating modes, which means it can be powered by coin cell batteries. The IR Sensor has 64 thermopile elements in an 8×8 grid format that detect absolute surface temperature without any contact.