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More Information on Toggle Switches...

What is a Toggle Switch?

Electrical toggle switches are characterized by the presence of some type of handle or lever (also known as an actuator) that opens and closes an electric circuit.

Types of Toogle Switches

Toggle switches are available in many different styles and sizes, and are used in countless applications from commercial to industrial. Electric toggle switches for the majority are either single-pole or double-pole. They handle various current loads, and may connect to one or more terminals when switched.

A Single Pole-Single Throw (SPST) toggle switch would open or close one circuit between two terminals. A Single Pole-Double Throw (SPDT) toggle switch would connect one terminal to either of two terminals (three-terminals in all). A Double Pole-Single Throw (DPST) toggle switch has four terminals that connect or disconnect two pairs of terminals simultaneously, and a Double Pole-Double Throw (DPDT) toggle switch (six terminals) connects one pair of terminals to either of two other terminal pairs.

Toggle Switches can also come non-illuminated or illuminated, they can be momentary Toggle Switches on non-momentary Toggle Switches, there are three or four position toggle switches, locking toggle switches, waterproof toggle switches, miniature type Toggle switches (and we offer many sizes). When you do a search for Toggle switches on our website, you can filter your selection on our web site by various attributes: by switch operation (momentary), by circuitry (3DPT, DPDT, SPDT), by actuator type (bat, paddle, round, locking), by bushing type (flat, threaded or unthreaded) and by contact material (gold, gold over silver).

Toggle Switch Suppliers and Toggle Switch Manufacturers

There are many different kinds of Toggle Switches and at Future Electronics we offer you a wide variety of Toggle Switches from such suppliers as Altech, C&K Components, Carling Technology, E-Switch, Grayhill, NKK Switched, and TE Connectivity.

Toggle Switch Applications

Toggle switches are used to control AC or DC power in domestic, commercial and industrial applications for operating various electrical devices and electronic equipment.

Toggle Switches in R&D quantities or production ready packaging

With our state of the art facility in Memphis and FutureElectronics.com, you have the option to order the exact number of Toggle switches required for your R&D or electronic project needs without the unnecessary surplus of buying full reels or boxes.