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More Information on Rotary Switches...

What is a Rotary Switch?

A rotary switch is a switch operated by allowing rotation to control different circuit functions. To do this a Rotary switch consists of a spindle or "rotor" that has a contact arm or "spoke" that projects from its surface like a cam. It also has an array of terminals, arranged in a circle around the rotor, where each terminal can serve as a contact for the "spoke". In this way any one of a number of different electrical circuits can be connected to the rotor.

The benefit of a rotary switch is that they are layered to allow use of multiple poles, where each layer is equivalent to one pole. In most case, rotary switches have a detent mechanism so it "clicks" from one active position to another rather than stalls in an intermediate position. Because of these attributes, rotary switches can provide greater pole and throw capabilities than a simple switches.

Types of Rotary Switches

There are many different kinds of Rotary Switches and at Future Electronics we offer you a wide variety of Rotary Switch from such suppliers as C &K, Grayhill. E-Switch, EECO and NKK Switches:

Some of the types of Rotary Switches we stock include:

  • Miniature rotary switch
  • 2 pole rotary coded switch
  • 4 pole rotary coded switch
  • 4 position rotary switch
  • Single Pole Rotary Switches
  • Double Pole Rotary Switches

You will find a comprehensive selection of rotary switches at Future Electronics. Our offering includes a range of sizes from miniature to industrial sized rotary switches. Use our parametric filters to refine your rotary switch search on our website. You can select by indexing or angle (30°,40°,45°or 90°), by circuitry (Coded, DP,SP,SPDT), by no of positions, (2,3,6,7 or more), by contact style, by termination style (solder lug, PCB) and by contact material (Gold, Silver).

Rotary Switch Applications

We offer many rotary switch options, so this allows you to use rotary switches to be customized for any application. Typical applications include:

  • Radio frequency selection
  • Navigation and communication equipment
  • Precision test and measuring equipment
  • Sound mixing and editing consoles
  • Voice and data communications
  • Military radios, transmitters and receivers
  • Automotive climate control and entertainment systems
  • Musical instrument controls

Rotary Switches in R&D quantities or production ready packaging

  • With our state of the art facility in Memphis and FutureElectronics.com, you have the option to order the exact number of rotary switches required for your R&D or electronic project needs without the unnecessary surplus of buying full reels or boxes.