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Power Integrations BridgeSwitch Integrated Half-Bridge Motor-Driver ICs

High-voltage half-bridge motor-driver IC produces high inverter efficiency

Power Integrations’ BridgeSwitch™ family of integrated half-bridge motor-driver ICs feature advanced 600V N-channel power switches and sensing capability which enable the inverter in a Brushless DC motor-drive application to achieve efficiency of up to 99.2%


This high efficiency and the distributed thermal footprint of the BridgeSwitch IC eliminate the need for a heat-sink, reducing both the cost and weight of motor-drive applications and other high-voltage systems.


BridgeSwitch ICs feature high- and low-side FREDFETs (Fast Recovery Diode Field Effect Transistors) with integrated lossless current sensing. These self-powered driver ICs can drive single- or multi-phase high-voltage, synchronous or asynchronous motors with power ratings of up to 400W, and support all popular motor-control algorithms.


The motor-driver ICs feature cycle-by-cycle hardware-based over-current, over-/under-voltage, and over-temperature protection features which eliminate the software component from many protection functions. This simplifies IEC 60335 and 60730 certification, saving development time and cost.


Featuring built-in system monitoring, the drivers have a robust single-wire preventive-maintenance interface which enables communication between the motor’s microcontroller and up to three BridgeSwitch devices. Each BridgeSwitch driver may be configured with different high- and low-side current limits, eliminating the role of the microcontroller and external circuitry in protecting the system from open or shorted motor windings.


  • Controlled switching speed for low EMI
  • Adaptive dead time
  • Simultaneous-conduction lock-out protection
  • Internal dual-level thermal overload protection


  • Single- or three-phase high-voltage motor drives
  • Inverters
  • Home appliances
  • Condenser fans
  • Cooker hood fans

Reference Design Kits and Reference Designs

  • RDK-851 – 50W three-phase driver for fans
  • RDK-852 – 200W three-phase motor driver
  • RDK-853 – 300W three-phase motor driver
  • RDK-872 – 70W single-phase driver for fans
  • RDK-873 – 30W single-phase motor driver

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