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ON Semiconductor

Integrated Power Modules Offer Space Savings and Superior Thermal Performance

ON Semiconductor has launched the first products in a new series of Transfer-Molded Power Integrated Modules (TMPIMs) for industrial motor drives.

These first TMPIM modules contain a six-diode input-rectification stage, an optional brake IGBT and diode, a six-switch inverter stage consisting of 1,200V-rated IGBTs and inverse diodes, and a thermistor. These components are integrated into a single C2 transfer-molded package.

The package is lower than a standard 12mm gel-filled module, but is high enough to provide a 5.5mm clearance distance between the top of the pins and the plane of the top of the package. This eliminates the need to shape the heat-sink connected to the module to meet normal clearance requirements.

The TMPIM’s high-performance Field-Stop II series short-circuit rated IGBTs perform well at the frequencies typically found in motor-control applications.

The solder pins allow for easy insertion into a circuit board without the complexity and cost of press-fit tooling, and are compatible with modern soldering processes. The solder contacts operate well in a corrosive atmosphere.

Excellent thermal performance is common to all ON Semiconductor’s transfer-molded modules: the TMPIMs offer thermal-cycling capability as much as ten times better than that of industry-standard gel-filled modules.

Part Number/Description:
NXH25C120L2C2SG: Converter-inverter-brake module, 1,200V, 25A
NXH35C120L2C2SG: Converter-inverter-brake module, 1,200V, 35A
NXH35C120L2C2S1G: Converter-inverter module, 1,200V, 35A
NXH35C120L2C2ESG: Converter-inverter-brake module, 1,200V, 35A, enhanced DBC
NXH50C120L2C2ESG: Converter-inverter-brake module, 1,200V, 50A, enhanced DBC
NXH50C120L2C2ES1G: Converter-inverter module, 1,200V, 50A, enhanced DBC


ON Semiconductor TMPIM Modules Figure 1

  • High-performance transfer-molded package
    • Low parasitic inductance for better efficiency
    • Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) substrate removes need for baseplate
  • Industrial motor drives
  • Servo motor drives
  • Industrial pumps
  • Industrial fans
  • HVAC systems
  • Heat pumps


ON Semiconductor TMPIM Modules


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