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STMicroelectronics AutoDevKit Plug-in for Eclipse

The AutoDevKit plug-in for Eclipse extends SPC5-STUDIO into a straightforward, low-cost, time saving tool designed to help automotive application engineers achieve fast prototyping, flexibility, hardware abstraction and APIs to effectively evaluate, test, develop and deploy complex embedded systems. The main advantages of the AutoDevKit initiative are:

  • Fast prototyping: with integrated hardware and software components, component compatibility checking and MCU and peripheral configuration tools.
  • Flexibility: allowing the creation of new system solutions from existing solutions by adding dedicated boards for further functionality or removing unused boards.
  • Hardware abstraction: if, for example, you swap your MCU between an SPC58EC Chorus 4M, an SPC584B Chorus 2M, or an SPC582B Chorus 1M, the tool will automatically re-generate pin allocations accordingly.
  • High-level application APIs: AutoDevKit provides a set of function APIs able to control specific functional boards. The APIs contain functions able to exploit the chosen hardware functionality and facilitate communication with the MCU.

AutoDevKit provides a GUI to facilitate the configuration and setup for each supported component, as well as sample code demonstrating typical usage and applications. Another key feature is the Board View tab, which shows the electrical wiring between microcontroller and board connectors and the connection between the MCU board and other functional boards.

What is it?

An ecosystem made of hardware and software components that can be easily combined to create a prototype for your target transportation application development.

What are the key benefits?

  • Save time in your developments
  • Use hardware components without studying datasheet and manuals
  • Basic blocks are configured by GUIs: no coding required
  • Evaluate several technologies in the same common platform

What do you get?

  • Free software
  • Free toolchain
  • Low-cost boards
  • Demonstrators
  • Easy start-up examples



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Featured Applications


AVAS System Solution

AVAS module with dual channel class D audio amp and remote control via CAN for long vehicles

Class D audio amp

Chorus family MCU

Discrete solution as seen in the video:
AEK-AUD-D903V1 – Audio Amp board
AEK-CON-C1D9031 – Connector board

USB Type-C and Power Delivery

Up to 100W digitally controlled and adjustable DC-DC

Dual channel up to 60W digitally controlled and adjustable DCDC

Dual port USB Type-C

Basic kit as seen in the video:
AEKD-USBTYPEC1 – USB TypeC no power board

Adaptive Front-Lighting Solution

Four channels LED Driver

Stepper motor driver

Full kit as seen in the video:

STMicroelectronics AEK-MCU-C4MLIT1

32-bit automotive-grade SPC58EC Chorus with 4MB flash discovery board

STMicroelectronics AEK-MCU-C1MLIT1

32-bit automotive-grade SPC582B Chorus with 1MB flash discovery board