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More Information on Receiver Ics...

What is a Receiver IC?

A radio receiver is a device that receives radio waves and converts the information which is carried by them into a usable form. A radio receiver can be an integrated circuit (IC) within another device. An antenna intercepts electromagnetic radio waves and then converts them into alternating currents that are applied to the receiver, which extracts the desired information. A receiver uses electronic filters in order to separate the required RF signal from all the other signals and an electronic amplifier in order to increase the power of the signal. The receiver finally recovers the desired information through demodulation. The information which is produced by the receiver can either be an audio signal, a video signal or a digital signal. Integrated circuits allow high performance circuits to be built at lesser costs and with significant amounts of space savings.

Types of Receiver ICs

There are many different kinds of receiver ICs and at Future Electronics we stock many of the most common types categorized frequency range, supply current, supply voltage, data rate, packaging type and sensitivity The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search results depending on the required specifications. The most common sizes for supply current are 3 mA, 6mA and 8.2 mA. We also carry receiver ICs with supply current up to 3.1 A. Frequency can range from 15 kHz to 510 GHz, with the most common sizes ranging from 300 to 930 MHz. Both 300 to 930MHz FSK/ASK Receivers and 315/433MHz FSK/ASK Receivers are popular

Receiver ICs from Future Electronics

Future Electronics has a full selection of receiver ICs from several manufacturers that can be used for an integrated receiver circuit such as a wireless receiver IC, RF receiver IC, FM receiver IC, radio receiver IC, Bluetooth receiver IC, AM receiver IC or to be used in an HDMI receiver integrated circuit. Simply choose from the receiver IC technical attributes below and your search results will quickly be narrowed to match your specific receiver IC application needs.

You can easily refine your receiver IC product search results by clicking your preferred receiver IC brand below from our list of manufacturers.

Applications for Receiver ICs:

Radio receiver circuits can be found in TV sets, FM radio devices, GPS devices, satellite dishes, radio telescopes, Bluetooth enabled devices, radar equipment, cellular phones, wireless computer networks, baby monitors and garage door openers. In consumer electronics, the terms ‘‘radio’’ and ‘‘radio receiver’’ are used for receivers which are designed to reproduce the audio signals that are transmitted by radio broadcasting stations.

Choosing the Right Receiver IC:

When you are looking for the right receiver ICs, with the FutureElectronics.com parametric search, you can filter the results by various attributes: by Sensitivity (-110 dBm, -108 dBm, -95 dBm, 99 dBm,…), Operating Frequency (from 15 kHz to 510 GHz) and Supply Current (1.7 uA, 6mA, 8.2 mA,…) to name a few. You will be able to find the right integrated receiver circuit that you can use for a wireless receiver IC, radio receiver IC, RF receiver IC, AM receiver IC, FM receiver IC, Bluetooth receiver IC or to be used in an HDMI receiver integrated circuit.

Receiver ICs in Production Ready Packaging or R&D Quantities

If the quantity of receiver ICs required is less than a full reel, we offer customers many of our programmable receiver IC products in tube, tray or individual quantities that will avoid unneeded surplus.In addition, Future Electronics offers clients a unique bonded inventory program that is designed to eliminate potential problems that may arise from an unpredictable supply of products containing raw metals and products with erratic or long lead times. Talk with your nearest Future Electronics branch and find out more on how you and your company can avoid possible shortages.