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LEDs in applications outside of illumination has underscored the excitement and growth of the solid-state lighting industry in the last couple of years as the boom of LED lighting in horticulture applications as well as in areas of disinfection have taken off as a response to the current sociopolitical and environmental conditions.

Super storm like the one that recently devastated Pakistan, and Hurricane Fiona and Super Typhoon Noru that are unleashing its devastative force on Canada and the Philippines respectively are reminders of how volatile the world we live in.

In the wake of these events as well as the recent pandemic, the question arises: How we are safeguarding livelihoods, especially thru ensuring food security?

The impact of light on plant development has been subjected to extensive studies. There is an immediate need to translate these studies into adaptable and commercially viable technologies. Artificial lighting is considered as a solution that can potentially provide heathy and nutritious future food to the world which will aid the shift towards sustainable future food farming using high tech methods.


What the Audience Will Learn:
  • The impact of lights on plants
  • How to translate the extensive studies of the above into commercially viable technologies
  • How artificial lighting has proven to enhance the pharmaceutical/medicinal value of plants
  • How automation can be used to manage and improve productivity
  • Future food development thru the 4 cross-sectional accelerators (Technology, Innovation, Data and Complements)
  • New and exciting solutions from our partners: Lumileds, Inventronics and TE
Who Should Attend:
  • PFAL Horticulturist
  • Horticulture Investors
  • Lighting R&D Managers & Engineers
  • Lighting OEMs & ODMs
  • Product Marketers looking to expand horticultural technology expertise


Dr. Mandar R. Godge
Lead Scientist and Agritech Consultant
Temasek Polytechnic
GRAIN International Pte Ltd
LP Liew
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Mogan R.
South East Asia Sales Manager

Dr. Mandar Godge is heading the Plant Biotechnology R&D capabilities at the Centre for Research and Opportunities in Plant Science (CROPS) in Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. Alongside, he is an entrepreneur, driving the applied and commercial projects for GRAIN International Pte Ltd in Singapore. He is a plant molecular biologist, plant breeder and a practitioner of sustainable agriculture. He has been working in the space of urban agriculture, horticulture, genomics, molecular biology and plant biotechnology for more than 20 years.

LP Liew has over 6 years of product marketing experience in the LED industry, and currently holds the Global Senior Product Marketing position at Lumileds where he is responsible for managing the LUXEON brand illumination color portfolio. Within this scope, LP oversees the high power color, mid power color, multicolor solutions like RGB & RGBW, and the horticulture LED solutions. Prior to his role at Lumileds, LP Liew has also managed high power white, mid power white, CoB, and filament LED products.

A proponent of green and sustainable technology, Mogan has been involved in LED lighting since 2010. He has worked closely with the Malaysian government departments such JKR, TNB, LLM, and PEMANDU in the early years of LED Lighting in Malaysia. Mogan brings with him a rich experience having worked in some of the major projects in Malaysia, and in the region. Currently, he is with Inventronics as the South East Asia Sales Manager.



Time Activity/Topic Speakers
8:00 A.M. Registration  
8:30 A.M. Opening Speech  
9:15 A.M. Lumileds - SunPlus + Horticulture solution LP Liew
10:00 A.M. TE - Connectivity Solutions
10:45 A.M. Coffee Break  
11:00 A.M. Reprogramming artificial lights for future food – A framework! Dr. Mandar R. Godge
12:00 A.M. Inventronics - LED DRIVERS - What You Need to Know and Ask
Before You Develop a Horticulture Lighting Solution
Mogan R.
12:45 P.M. Lunch  


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Lumileds - Sunplus 3030HE+

Lumileds - 5050HE 7070