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Nexperia PSMNR51-25YLH MOSFET Using NextPowerS3 Technology

New benchmark for MOSFET performance as LFPAK56-packaged device’s on-resistance reaches 0.57mΩ

Nexperia has introduced an addition to its broad family of low-voltage MOSFETs – the PSMNR51-25YLH – which sets a new standard for on-resistance of 0.57mΩ at a drain-source voltage of 25V.

Benefiting from Nexperia’s NextPowerS3 technology, the new 25V PSMNR51-25YLH achieves its market-leading performance without compromising other important parameters such as maximum drain current, Safe Operating Area (SOA) or gate charge.

MOSFETs which have very low on-resistance are required in many applications such as ORing, hot-swap operation, synchronous rectification and motor control to reduce conduction losses and increase efficiency. Some devices with low on-resistance values, however, suffer from reduced SOA – a measure of the ruggedness of the MOSFET – and reduced maximum drain-current ratings, as their low resistance is the result of shrinking the die’s cell pitch.

Nexperia’s PSMNR51-25YLH MOSFET, by contrast, offers a high maximum drain current rating of up to 380A. This parameter is especially important in motor-control systems: when the motor stalls, current can surge to very high levels for short periods. The PSMNR51-25YLH withstands these current surges to maintain safe and reliable operation.

In addition, some MOSFET manufacturers only provide computed maximum drain-current values, whereas Nexperia demonstrates continuous current capability up to 380A on a test board.

The PSMNR51-25YLH is housed in Nexperia’s 5mm x 6mm Power-SO8 compatible LFPAK56 package. This features a high performance copper-clip construction which absorbs thermal stresses, increasing quality and reliability.

Other low-voltage parts in the NextPowerS3 family which offer low on-resistance include the PSMNR58-30YLH, PSMNR90-40YLH, PSMN1R0-40YSH, PSMNR70-40SSH and PSMN1R0-40SSH.

PSMNR51-25YLH Features

  • 17nC gate charge
  • 100% avalanche tested at 190A
  • <1μA leakage current at 25°C
  • Low spiking and ringing
  • Optimized for 4.5V gate drive
  • 175°C maximum junction temperature

PSMNR51-25YLH Applications

  • Battery protection
  • Brushless DC motor control
  • Server power supplies