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More Information on Tantalum Capacitors...

What is a Tantalum Capacitor?

Tantalum capacitors are electrolytic capacitors which use tantalum metal for the anode. They are polarized capacitors with superior frequency and stability characteristics.

Tantalum Capacitors General characteristics

Tantalum capacitors are made with capacitance values ranging from 1nF all the way to 72mF and they are much smaller in size than aluminum electrolytic capacitors of the same capacitance.

The voltage rating for tantalum capacitors varies from 2V to more than 500V.

They have an equivalent series resistance (ESR) ten times smaller than the ESR of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which allows for larger currents to pass through the capacitor with less heat generated.

Tantalum capacitors are very stable over time and their capacitance doesn’t change with age. They are very reliable when handled properly and their shelf life is virtually unlimited.

Tantalum capacitors are widely used in their surface mount formats (SMD) because they are much cheaper than their aluminium electrolytic relations and they can withstand the soldering process better.

MnO2 solid tantalum technologies such as smallest case size MnO2, highest temperature capabilities up to 230°C and lowest DCL product offering.

The high-energy HE3 wet tantalum capacitor covers the high side of the capacitance spectrum for wet tantalum capacitors, while other types of wet tantalum capacitors can be found in such extreme applications as military, avionics, space, and oil-drilling.

Conformal coated and molded surface-mount styles of tantalums as well as both radial and axial through-hole products, coveres a wide range of automotive, consumer, industrial, and telecommunications as well as very high-performance applications.

Tantalum Capacitors Applications

Automotive (Sensors, door control, tire pressure monitoring, climate control) Industry (Power supply, automatic door lock, fire detectors)Measuring (Positioning systems, flow meter, gas monitor) Lighting (LED headlamp, traffic lights, display & signs) Medical engineering (hearing aid device, heart pacemaker, handheld devices)

Tantalum capacitors are also available in military specifications versions (MIL-SPEC), which offer tighter tolerances and a wider operating temperature range.

They are a popular replacement for aluminum electrolytics in military applications because they do not tend to dry out and change capacitance over time.