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Littelfuse EV1K Series Electric Vehicle (EV) Fuses

1000 VDC/60-125 A Auto Grade

The Littelfuse EV1K Series Electric Vehicle (EV) Fuse is designed specifically for automotive-grade solutions. The automotive grade fuses provide overcurrent protection in applications connected to Electric Vehicles' high voltage power supply.

With a rating of 1000 Vdc, the EV1K Series is currently available in amperage ratings of 60 to 125 A (ratings up to 600 A are forthcoming). It uses a bolt-down form factor with a 25 mm x 73 mm cartridge body.

The certification testing for this fuse uses the ISO 8820 and LV standards to ensure it is compatible with the Automotive environment (thermal shock/cycling, vibration, etc.).

  • Durable against mechanical vibration and shock, which increases product life and longevity
  • High interrupt rating and open state resistance for compatibility with short circuit protection
  • Resistance to thermal shock to handle temperature fluctuations for reliable cycling performance
  • Temperature and humidity-resistant to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions
  • Rated for 1000 Vdc with interrupting rating of 30,000 A and 60−125 A nominal amperage ratings in bolt-down package
  • End caps with integrated bolt-down terminals
  • Compact body size of 25x73 mm
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C


  • EV Power Circuits including:
    • On-board charger
    • Battery pack/distribution unit
    • DC/DC converter
    • Traction motor inverter