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onsemi NCP51313 High Side Gate Driver

130 V, 2.0 A / 3.0 A

The NCP51313 by onsemi is a 130 V high side driver with 2.0 A source and 3.0 A sink drive capability for DC−DC power supplies and inverters.

onsemi's NCP51313 offers excellent propagation delay, low quiescent current and low switching current at high frequencies of operation. This gate driver is tailored for highly efficient power supplies operating at high frequencies.

The NCP51313 is offered in two versions, NCP51313A/B. NCP51313A, with a typical 50 ns propagation delay, while the NCP51313B has a typical propagation delay of 20 ns.

NCP51313 comes in standard SO8 package.


  • 2.0 A / 3.0 A current capability
  • Very fast propagation delay (typ. 20 ns for B version)
  • High dv/dt immunity up to 50 V/ns and negative transient immunity


  • DC-DC converters
  • Class-D audio amplifiers
  • Motor controls

End Products

  • Power supply for servers, telecom and industrial
  • Solar inverters
  • Industrial motor