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CAN transceivers from Infineon provide proven quality, a track record of reliability, and high robustness for use in automation applications.

Features include excellent electromagnetic performance and low levels of EMI. They also offer compliance with the ISO 11898 standard for CAN communication.

The IFX1050G, IFX1050GVIO and IFX1040SJ devices are CAN transceivers supporting a maximum data rate of 1Mbit/s. Infineon also supplies two parts, the IFX1051LE and IFX1051SJ, which support the CAN Flexible Data-rate (CAN FD) standard and operate at data rates up to 2Mbits/s.

The IFX1050 and IFC1040 parts support high speed differential-mode data transmission in industrial applications. The transceiver works as an interface between the CAN protocol controller and the physical differential, two-wire bus in CAN applications.

The IFX1050 has three operating modes: normal mode, stand-by mode and receive-only mode, which is useful when performing diagnostic investigations. The IFX1040 has a normal mode and a stand-by mode. In stand-by mode, the part remains in a low-power state drawing a low quiescent current, and wakes up when CAN messages are detected. The mode selection for both parts is controlled by logical input pins.

The products are based on Infineon’s SPT® Smart Power Technology, which allows bipolar and CMOS control circuitry to co-exist with DMOS power devices on the same monolithic circuit.

The IFX1051 parts offer guaranteed loop-delay symmetry to support CAN FD data frames at rates up to 2Mbits/s. Additional fail-safe features such as TxD time-out and optimized output slew rates on the CAN High and CAN Low signals make the IFX1051 an ideal choice for large High-Speed CAN networks which call for operation at high data-transmission rates.


Product Part Number Package Transceiver Type Maximum Transmission Rate Maximum Quiescent Current Bus Wake-up cCapability Wake-up Inputs
High-speed CAN
1Mbit/s 10μA at 5V stand-by No No
High-speed CAN
1Mbit/s 10μA at 5V stand-by No No
High-speed CAN
1Mbit/s 30μA at 5V stand-by Yes Yes in stand-by
IFX1051LE PG-TSON-8 High-speed CAN FD
Up to 2Mbits/s 3mA in receive-only mode No No
IFX1051SJ PG-DSO8 (SOIC-8) High-speed CAN FD
Up to 2Mbits/s 3mA in receive-only mode No No


  • Low CAN bus leakage current in power-down state
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Protected against transient voltage spikes
  • Pin-to-pin replacements for industry-standard parts
  • Automation
  • Data processing
  • Electromobility
  • Industrial equipment
  • Lighting
  • Motor control and drives
  • Motorcycles, e-bikes and small electric vehicles
  • Power-management systems
  • Renewable energy
  • Smart grid equipment
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