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Renesas RA8M1 480 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M85 Based Microcontroller

The Renesas RA8M1 MCU Group features the industry’s first 32-bit microcontrollers (MCU) based on the Arm® Cortex®-M85 (CM85) core, delivering breakthrough performance of over 3000 CoreMark points at 480 MHz, with fully deterministic, low latency, real-time operation that enables customers’ most demanding application needs. These are general-purpose MCU devices and address diverse high-performance and compute-intensive applications in Industrial Automation, Home Appliances, Smart Home, Consumer, Building/Home Automation and Medical/Healthcare market segments.

The RA8M1 MCUs integrate the high-performance CM85 core with large memory, multiple external interfaces, and a rich peripheral set optimized to address diverse application requirements, and are available in packages from 100 pins to 224 pins, to serve the needs of a broad range of high-performance applications. Secure Element-like functionality is built-in with advanced cryptographic Security IP, immutable storage, and tamper protection, for truly secure IoT.

The RA8M1 MCUs are fully supported by the Flexible Software Package and a comprehensive set of hardware and software development tools.


  • 480MHz Arm® Cortex-M85® core with Helium (M-Profile Vector Extension for AI/ML)
  • Up to 2MB Flash memory and 1MB SRAM incl. TCM; 384KB user SRAM and 128KB TCM are ECC protected
  • 32KB I/D caches (ECC protected), 12KB Data Flash
  • Advanced security with TrustZone, RSIP Cryptographic engine, immutable storage and tamper protection
  • Scalable from 100-pin to 224-pin packages
  • Octal SPI interface with decryption-on-the-fly, Ethernet MAC with DMA, CAN-FD and USB HS/FS (host and device) connectivity options
  • CEU Camera i/f, 12-bit ADCs, 12-bit DACs, High-speed Analog Comparators and 3x Sample and Hold circuits
  • SCI (UART, simple SPI, simple I2C), SPI, I2C, I3C


  • New Arm® Cortex-M85® high performance core featuring Armv8.1m architecture with Helium for DSP/ML acceleration
  • High integration for lower costs and simplified design
  • Octal SPI interface with secure interface to external memory for storage of code and data
  • Advanced security for highly secure IoT
  • Open Arm Ecosystem, easy-to-use Flexible Software Package and comprehensive solutions to enable fast development
  • S/H enable motor control applications


  • Industrial Automation
  • IoT Gateways/Hubs
  • Smart Home/Home automation products
  • Thermostats
  • Home appliances (refrigerators, ovens, washing machines etc.)
  • Security cameras
  • Building Automation (HVAC, Access)

Renesas RA8M1 Block Diagram

RA8M1 Block Diagram

RA8M1 Block Diagram


Evaluation Kit for RA8M1 MCU Group

The EK-RA8M1 evaluation kit enables users to effortlessly evaluate the features of the RA8M1 MCU Group and develop embedded systems applications using Renesas' Flexible Software Package (FSP) and e2 studio IDE. Utilize rich on-board features along with your choice of popular ecosystem add-ons to bring your big ideas to life.

Evaluation Kit for RA8M1 MCU Group
EK-RA8M1 - Quick Start Guide

Key Features

  • Special Feature Access
    • Ethernet
    • USB High Speed Host & Device
    • 64MB External Octo-SPI Flash
    • CAN FD PHY
  • MCU Native Pin Access
    • 480MHz, Arm Cortex®-M85 core
    • 2MB Code Flash, 1MB SRAM
    • 224 pins, BGA package
    • Native pin access
    • MCU & USB current measurement
    • DC/DC mode configuration
  • Ecosystem & System Control Access
    • USB Full Speed Host & Device
    • Multiple 5V input sources
    • SEGGER J-LinkTM on-board programmer and debugger
    • Debug modes
    • User LEDs and buttons
    • Five most popular ecosystem expansions
    • MCU boot configuration
  • Kit Contents
    • EK-RA8M1 board
    • Micro USB device cable (type-A male to micro-B male)
    • Micro USB host cable (type-A male to micro-B male)
    • Ethernet patch cable