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Centre of Excellence 250 W E-Bike Charger Using NXP Combo Controller

Featuring 2 AC-DC variants using the TEA2017

This 250 W E-Bike Reference Design showcases NXP's TEA2017 digital configurable LLC and PFC combo controller. This innovative design harnesses the power of high-efficiency resonant power supplies, seamlessly integrating both LLC and PFC controller functionalities.


  • E-bike charger: 250 W rated AC-DC capability with configurable 6.5 A CC control or + 42 V CV control
  • General purpose AC-DC: 250 W rated AC-DC with fixed + 48 V output
    • Common design using different LLC magnetics to achieve the 2 variants
    • Design based on Si MOSFETS from Infineon and TEA2017 controller
  • An option to develop a 240 W USB Type-C 3.1 PD variant: 24 or 28-V AC-DC output with plug-in 3rd stage using buck-boost stage with controller

E-Bike Reference Design Future Electronics



  • Input voltage: 85 V rms to 265 V rms
  • Output Voltage: 36 V to 42 V or 48 V dc
  • Output Power: up to 250 W
  • Up to 93% efficiency
  • < 5% total harmonic distortion
  • > 0.99 Power Factor
  • High efficiency over wide power range using TEA2017

Key Components

  • NXP TEA2017 PFC & LLC combined controller
  • NXP TEA2096 synchronous rectification controller
  • Infineon IPA60R180P7, 600 V, 180 mΩ Si MOSFETs
  • Infineon IDL04G65C5, 650 V, 12 A SiC diode NXP
  • LPC800 series microcontroller
  • NXP TJF1051 Can transceiver
  • Custom magnetics from Triad Magnetics Inc.


Block Diagram: E-Bike Charger Design AC-DC Stage

Block Diagram: E-Bike Charger Design AC-DC Stage


Block Diagram: E-Bike Charger Design (MCU Plug-In Board)

Block Diagram: E-Bike Charger Design (MCU Plug-In Board)


Featured: NXP’s TEA2017 Digital Configurable LLC & Multimode PFC controller

All TEA2017xxT versions by NXP enable building a complete resonant power supply which is easy to design and has a very low component count.

The TEA2017xxT comes in a low profile and narrow body-width SO16 package. The TEA2017xxT digital architecture is based on a high-speed configurable hardware state machine ensuring very reliable real-time performance. During the power supply development, many operation and protection settings of the LLC and PFC controller can be adjusted by loading new settings into the device to meet specific application requirements. The configurations can be fully secured to prevent unauthorized copying of the proprietary TEA2017xxT configuration content.

In contrast to traditional resonant topologies, the TEA2017xxT shows a very high efficiency at low loads due to the LLC low-power mode. This mode operates in the power region between continuous switching (also called high-power mode) and burst mode.

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