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Epson RX8111CE Ultra-Low-Power RTC Module

Featuring Time Stamp and Wake-up functions

Epson offers the RX8111 ultra low power RTC with I2C interface, Time stamp, Wake-up timer & Battery switchover functions and 100nA of typical low operating current. Offered in small package sizes with built-in frequency-adjusted 32.768kHz crystal and battery switchover functions, these modules feature a time-stamp function that logs and stores the real time and wake-up function to wake up the MCU/SoC. The RX8111CE consumes 100nA for a significant reduction in current consumption, which makes it possible to use a smaller, more cost-effective secondary battery or capacitor.

  • Interface Type

    • I2C-Bus interface Fast-Mode 400 kHz
  • Auto power switching function

    • The VDD voltage is monitored and it switches to the backup power supply by the automatic operation
    • Backup power supply switching voltage 1.2 V Min.
  • Clock output function

    • Output frequency is selectable from 32.768 kHz, 1024 Hz,1 Hz
  • Wakeup timer function

    • Selectable from 244 micro second to 32 years (24 bit 1 ch.)
    • Timer source clock selectable from 1/60 Hz, 1 Hz, 64 Hz, 4096 Hz
    • Auto release after interrupt output from /INT pin at timer completes
    • This operation is auto repeat with a selected cycle, it can be used like a watchdog timer
  • Time stamp function

    • 8 times stamped from year to 1/256 seconds
    • The time-stamp trigger inputs from EVIN pin, self-monitoring and I2C software command
    • EVIN pin has function of chattering-cancel
  • Alarm function

    • It is possible program from year to second
  • Self-monitoring interruption

    • Crystal oscillation stop. VBAT low, VDD low